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' The Information Is Out There ... '

March 1, 2011

Today, while surfing on the Internet for photos of the latest technology (and not even thinking about trying to get what I came across) However, there it was (or rather – there they were) … Pictures of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s). On the bing search engine. And even though I know they exist, I was still mildly surprised to come across them so unexpectedly and easily. The reason for my mild surprise, is that people in general – still do not know about or believe that such things are real. I have to chuckle at this part, because, those who are using DEW’s are evidently doing a great job in the cover up strategy. They’re so thorough, that if I didn’t have first hand knowledge of the DEW’s, I wouldn’t believe in their existence (or care about it either). However, the manipulators keeping the data under wraps, can’t get all the blame on this one, (not this time). Because as I had so easily ran across this information on the casual use of the Internet, it seems to me that anyone else should be able to come across this ready and available knowledge. Especially, those in authority or in charge of human rights and human safety.

So, I also have to question certain groups of those in authority, such as the FBI and Homeland Security and the local police forces, as to their obviously stated ignorance against the mounting facts that DEW’s exist. And to be more candid, they not only exist, but are definitely – operational. Then, there is the media, who also state, they are ignorant of such weaponry development. (Especially, after someone (such as myself) discloses where to look and gather reliable details about the subject.) So, again, it makes me wonder, just how long, the authorities and the media are going to feign unawareness or unconcern about the matter. In any event, I will continue to speak out on the atrocities being committed and allowed, in the name of ignorance.  So, this is what I ran across today:

(and last but not least today, I read about this one too)

DEW Beaming From Space Onto Earth

And these are just a few of the disclosures.  The bad news about this, is that these weapons are being used unscrupulously - without regard for human rights or safety.  Even before I had found out what "directed energy weapons" were, I had been targeted and made a subject for torture.  I did not know what was happening, but I knew something very strange and evil was happening.  And for six years, I have endured this atrocity.  As I read the information I came up on today, I thought it was more than ironic and far more than coincidence, that one of those DEW's had been in operation since 2006.  It was around that time, that I experienced my first horror of being initiated into its group of victims - Targets for torture-testing.  That is a pitiful state of affairs, for any society to find itself in.  And such acts defeats its purpose. (if it is being developed to protect its citizens.)  This is like a true to life "Silence of the Lambs".  It is the secrecy of this situation, that allows this type of devilish, inhumane and maliciously-insane acts to go unpunished.  However, the good news is that the more that information is leaked to the public - the more people become aware of DEW's reality.  They are going to be made aware of what such weapons are capable of and that the victims' terror tales, are not to be viewed as too far fetched and impossible stories.  And then, people will be made aware of the misuse of directed energy weapons by those who have picked and chosen unsuspecting members of the same society.

But I must end this on a positive note, for I have more good news that I was made aware of early  this morning. 

The so called - super weapon has an Achilles heel.  It can be detected after all.  (I am determined to share this information with other victims of this illegal persecution. On certain surfaces, it makes a noise, that is discernible to the one being targeted.  I plan to record the attacks on my person (the sound it makes as it strikes) and video-tape myself during the actual times, it happens.  That way, it can be seen and heard.  I will make sure, that my apartment is virtually in silence - but either way, I will get an amplifier (microphone set) and single out / isolate the sound, so there will be no doubt.  I will document it.  I will video tape it so, when I take it to "many" authorities and human rights groups, they will have to listen to the evidence - yes, finally evidence that cannot be attributed to some sort of mind seizure.

One thing has always proven true in life - 'Crooks always get caught'.  It may take days, weeks, months or even years, but justice always catches up sooner or later.   I have read about one victim's blog that, that person has been victimized going on for ten years now.  I, have been persecuted in this vein for about six years now.  The people who are supervisors or who are employed to do this, must have murdered their own consciences (as well as decency).  From what I have experienced through the years, they undoubtedly get up and wear cruelty through the day. And the nights too, for the attacks on my person is constant.  I told one of my Christian friends, who also know about my situation, that  The Bible has already told us that "evil men and impostors will advance from bad to worse ..." in the last days.  ( 2 Tim. 3: 13)  So, GOD's people know that 'some of us will have to suffer'. (of course, no one in their right mind wants to.)  But after all is said and done, when asked in the future times, did all the scriptures get fulfilled - somebody (even me) will be in a position to reveal that yes - some of mankind did those horrible things and yes, some of us, did not just read about it - but actually experienced it.  Jehovah through Jesus Christ, gives the necessary strength and peace and inner conviction to see all things through to the end.  I can say this with utmost honesty and clarity.  I couldn't survive without HIM and His Son.  Every day in some measure, I receive His loving support.  You see, even though I know that the attacks are constant, they are not as powerful as they used to be  when they first started back in 2005 or 2006.  Back then, It really threw me into frantic mode!

And at each new apartment my sister and I move to, the perpetrators use different people.  And they move right along with us.  (A point to note - at our latest apartment, when we moved in - the manager had said to me, that right after we had signed the lease, the next week, they had 16 people at one time to move in to the complex.)  And the young man who had moved into  the apartment under us, had spoken affably when we were moving our things in.  He said they had just moved in and asked if we were all moving in (my friend was helping us that day) and then the young man said he would have to tell his girlfriend, (and he called my name), that they have neighbors now.  I asked him who, and to repeat  the name he had just said and he said.  Afterwards, I told him that, "that's my name too." He said, "oh that's just his girlfriend's name for short".  Needless, to say, I have yet to see the girl or both of them together.

In one place, they wrote the W_ _ _ _ word on the side of the building right by my bedroom, and when I would go outside, their children (yes, their children) would call me W_ _ _ _.  Now, these were people that I did not even know and they did not even know me.  When I reported it to management, they washed the W _ _ _ _  word off the brick wall.  And in another apartment, when I used to live alone, they would shout it through the vents in the apartment and put awful-stinky things in the vents.  Also in that apartment, when I took my baths, (the apartment had a nice long-window, which I kept curtained), but when I took my baths, they would purposefully go right outside my bathroom window and act like they could see in.  And also at that time, I think they had some sort of a police-image machine (you know the kind that can see through walls) where they could actually see something (I don't know what) but something of my person in my apartment.  Because I heard the girl who lived there (sometimes) say once, as she was talking to the man, she went on to tell where things where in my walk-in-closet.

Now, in another apartment, my bathroom ceiling had a hole punched through (about the size of a golf ball), it got there when the new tenants upstairs moved in.  (And that's the other thing, one never knows all the people that live there, because it's like a tag-team relay station in the apartments they use.)  But back to the hole in the bathroom ceiling -  When I had noticed it,  early that night, I put a ball of tissue up there to keep it secure.  The next time I went to use the bathroom again that night, the tissue was gone!  It hadn't fell back down to the floor or in the toilet, because I checked and I always look before I sit.  I called my sister in to come see too.  Afterwards, I decided to put a face towel up in the hole in its place.  When I went back to the bathroom later that early a.m. - the face towel also was missing - apparently pulled through!  Again, I showed the open hole to my sister, and she came to the same conclusion.  Somebody had pulled it through.  (Now, the face towel had been securely put up there like a badminton ball - so whoever it was, had to do some serious tugging!  Needless to say, I had maintenance to come repair the hole later that day.  Now, what I am disclosing here, is just the tip of the iceberg - for each group of people that are used in delivering this type of harassment, well, I would be typing 'til doomsday came and went. 

So, either I'm getting aware of all their tactics they use, or I'm getting immune to the cancer they bring to me.  That's how I view them, like unwanted and deadly cancer.   I remember the first time, they raped me - that had to be the most awful and frightening and fierce time I had ever had to endure. 

Through the years, they have raped me about 5 times total (on 5 different occasions and using different people - even the women use that weapon that way - on your anus and other genitalia).  Now, for those of you who do not know the tactics of these attackers, this is how it happens:

Sooner or later, we all have to sit or lay down to rest.  The human body can only keep moving so long.  That's how they get you.  When you can no longer get up or are too depressed to move, or know you can't wait another minute to go to sleep.  Or you are so numb from their attacks, that you just lay there and have an out of body experience -  Now, I know what victims of rape mean, when they say they had to leave their body. 

And again, there is the shock of what do you do and against what?  It doesn't register that it's really happening until it's too late.  And then again, if you don't know what to do to stop it - you know you're going to have to lay down sometime - and they''ll be waiting.  That's all they do - (all day, all night)  That's what they do.  (all thru the day, all thru the night) But as I said, I prayed to Jehovah through Jesus Christ and he showed me how to stop their sexual assaults on my body.  I have a mental shield and a physical shield now.   Although, they have tried and keep trying numerous times, to rape me, (I think that that doing that sort of deed some of the torturers' favorite crass act of evil.   In fact, after one such rape violation was done to me (it was a Saturday night), the next day (Sunday), my sister and myself were going to our Christian meeting, and as we left our apartment, there on the walkway by our apartment was thrown a condom, yes a condom!  I tell you, those people who do these things are sick.  Sick as Hitler and Sick as Charles Manson.  You may wonder how I can even relate calmly about these things.  And endure the acts of cruelty and the memory of them.  But as I stated earlier, Jehovah gives me courage.  Jehovah gives me strength.  Jehovah gives me spiritual protection, just as He did Job and Jesus in their trials of torture.  And Jehovah gave me the knowledge and wherewithal to stop that debased act from happening again.) 

Thru the years, I have been burned on various parts of my body.  I have been made to twitch uncontrollably.  I have had furniture that I sat on, shaking like there was an earthquake.  I have had to endure sleepless nights and my nerves were shot to pieces.  I have had to get up and urinate all thru the night, when the beam was kept on me for that purpose.  If you go to the bathroom, the beam is on you.  if you get something to eat, the beam finds you.  While you watch tv or do any activity - they put the beam on you.  The only time, the directed energy weapon doesn't have any effect on you, is when its intended victim is on the move, or moving, or taking a bath in the tub. (although one of the attackers at one of the places where I lived - tried that too (the beam had no effect on me in water).

Other physical harassment they have  tried to employ, involve watching the target's routine.  I'm serious, they listen for when you go to use the restroom.  I've gotten used to not having my privacy, like I used to.  In fact, I've gotten to the point, where I can actually live a somewhat normal existence (notice I said existence and not life).  A normal life is far removed from a targeted individual.  They watch our every move to see if we will fall.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm no saint.  I've even cursed the attackers out and wanted to fight them to the death a couple of times!  It was usually after they had raped me. And then after the sorrow, came pure rage.  And a thirst for vengeance.  And that - made me  feel worse than anything my tormentors could ever do to me.   In fact, they don't know it, but it is my loyalty to Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus, my King, that kept and keeps me from doing actual, physical-bodily harm to them.  So, in a sense, they owe GOD for their safety too. (smile) Nevertheless, I know that I have to answer for everything I do to my GOD and Father.  And that is where I receive my power from.  Twice, I've had to confess to the Elders of my same  faith of my lapses in Christian conduct.  I even apologized to a tormentor.  And I've made up my mind, I will not stoop to that low-bred level of shameful stupidity again . No matter what anyone else does.  I will not betray the beautiful love and trust Jehovah has given to me.  Because that is what Satan the Devil wants - the Devil wants us to become debased and turn into animals.  That one has as much said so when he accused Job of serving GOD for selfish purposes. (Job 2: 1-8)  So, I know without a doubt, that he is the real mastermind behind my torture.  For my attackers are doing the work of the wicked one  (John 8: 44).

( I have had them sic their dogs on me. (and on my sister too)  We have had them throw trash and nails onto our rented property.  In one month, my sister had to fix 4 or 5 flat tires (and the tires had been new).  Having to live below them in an apartment, is the worst place to be.  They follow me around from room to room, seeking an opportunity to harm me. 

I have had them sting my eyes with DEWs and turn them red (visible proof). I have had them cause me cramps to my body.  I have had them point that beam on my knees and cause them to feel pain when I laid down or sat.  And already in a depressed state, these things only made it worse.   And remember, just like some animals can hear certain sounds (dogs as an example), one of our apartments that was by water, had all sorts of insects coming in like the 10 plagues of Egypt! (smile)  We had crickets that wound up dead in our home by the dozens (every day for about a month).  Then there was the white caterpillars. They were found half dead in the house - also about a month. Then, there were the gnats - they came in droves!  And they stayed around awhile! But again, my GOD helped me to get rid of them by giving me the good sense to follow the first and best advice on the Internet for getting rid of gnats.   But the point being is that, these insects came in droves to our home.  One group right after the other in a suspicious time frame. (Like they were on a schedule.) We asked others we knew, if they were plagued by the gnats and they said no.  Then, there was the following around of my sister and myself, everywhere we went.   So that now, we just take the unlawful surveillance in stride.  You know what they say about overkill - you can't do anything after that (smile). 

I know that each group of new tormentors probably expect me to be all angry and mournful and in shock, but I guess they don't realize, that I've been through it again and again.  They don't realize that I understand -  that they won't stop until they are stopped (or I drop down dead).  So I am resigned to the cancer they bring, until GOD has decreed "Enough!"  But seriously, I owe all my love and peace to my GOD.  There is nothing anyone can do to me, that He can't and will undo.  It is that Love of and from my GOD Jehovah, that allows me to feel and pray for those bent on terrorizing me.  I know what the end of evil will be.  And I don't want anyone to have to be destroyed for all eternity.   Not even my torturers.  As for this torment that they try to inflict on me every day in every way ... this too shall pass.  May GOD have mercy on their souls, as He has mercy on mine.  May Jah and Jesus Be Blessed Forever ... Amen.

Jericho Jail

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