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' An Armageddon Prayer '

A Note To Mankind:

The term Armageddon has been loosely used in referring to wars of mankind’s origin. Though Man’s wars can and do indeed employ weapons of extreme destruction, it is not the many wars of man that this term accurately applies to. The word comes from Hebrew har məgiddô (הר מגידו), meaning "Mountain of Megiddo". In ancient times, Megiddo was a place where many Israelite battles were fought. Megiddo, was in a very strategic battle location. It also became known as ‘the place of the decision’ (Joel 3: 14 / Rev. 16:16). For these and many other reasons, Megiddo symbolically became known to represent a site where decisive battles took place (just as the term “Napoleon’s Waterloo” became symbolically associated with loosing a great battle).

So, the word Armageddon or Har Megiddo, is a Hebrew idiom that is used to designate a spirit battle that is prophesied to occur in the end times. It will be a literal battle between GOD Almighty and the devil, in the spirit realm. But it does involve the whole physical earth and the physical vicinity of earth’s heavens. Thus, humanity will feel and see and experience the awe-inspiring physical effects. Also, the battle of Armageddon begins when Satan unites the kings of the earth against GOD's appointed king, Christ Jesus, who comes to take back, the rule of the entire earth. The devil instigates this aggressive move, by installing his beast-like authority into a position to try to stamp out the last remaining, true worshipers of the True GOD. This will be the culmination-attack that GOD will not tolerate. So, Jehovah’s Son and Champion – Jesus Christ, along with Christ’s Brother-Kings and the Angelic Armies of Heaven, will then finish this battle by defeating the devil and all who follow him.

Now, unlike the descriptions that men have given to Armageddon – (in which innocent people are killed indiscriminately and unfairly) the real Armageddon is quite different. This is a war in which GOD will do battle for his followers. It is also called: “The Day of Jehovah”. So, Christians will not need to physically fight or take up any physical weapons. Our weapons are weapons of the spirit. But in the great battle of Armageddon, Christ, as The Conqueror, will fight for us. Also in this war, only the human opposers and rebels against GOD’s incoming Kingdom will be annihilated . After the battle, the devil will be chained and bound in the abyss for a thousand years. This decisive act on GOD’s part, will issue in the ensuing peaceful Millennium under Christ’s reign. During the Millennium, humanity (free from the devil and demons’ influence) will be brought back to the state of perfection, which GOD from the beginning had purposed. The earth will be restored to pristine, Edenic conditions – thus “a new earth”.

But after the thousand years come to completion, the devil will be released from the abyss. The purpose of this action, will be to give the cleansed society of mankind, the final choice of whether we will serve GOD Almighty of our own free will and in love or not. This composite group includes, all those resurrected from past eras, those born during the millennium and the Armageddon survivors themselves. So, the devil will be allowed to test ‘all perfected humanity’ --- this one, last time. Sadly, some humans will yet again be deceived by the devil and fail the final test. But at that time, the rebels will be immediately dealt with and disposed of. Never again will evil be allowed to infect humanity with impunity. The precedent of justice will have been set for all of time.

After these things, the family of man will be blessed with eternal life. A life of youthful vigor and excellent health will be attained by all. Peace and prosperity will be for all those alive. Joy and love will cover all our dealings. And above all, mankind will finally know Who is to be credited for and thanked, for all these generous and precious and marvelous gifts - Jehovah God. For the glorious freedom of the Children of GOD, is restored to us, by the ultimate sacrifice and Holy service of His beloved Son, our King, Jesus Christ.

... and This is the spectacular proceedings that Armageddon will set in motion …

(Scriptural References precede the poem:

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Each reference listed above, follows the order of the poem.

‘ An Armageddon Prayer … ’

To Those Who Live By GOD’s Rule
Armageddon Is Not To Bring Fear
It Is GOD’s War. It Is GOD’s Duel
To Destroy Evil and Make It Disappear

To Those Who Live By GOD’s Ways
Armageddon Is Not To Bring Fear
If You Believe In GOD, and His Laws Obey
You’ll Be Glad To See Armageddon’s So Near

GOD’s Vengeance Means Justice To All of Those
Who Loves Goodness, The Truth and Spirit Light
His Son Who Shines, Is Oh So Close
To Bringing Freedom in Glorious Might

To Those Who Live By GOD’s Word
Armageddon Is Nothing To Fear
It Will Come To Pass, Just Like You Heard
When Armageddon is Hurled Like A Spear! …

… Straight Into The Heart of Disobedience
Straight Into The Heart of Audacity
It Will Pierce and Split all Defiance
Like A World-Wide-Quake Catastrophe

But To Those Who Live By GOD’s Love
Armageddon Is Nothing To Fear
GOD Watches Over and Shields From Above
All His Faithful Who He Holds Dear …

We’ll Be Safe In Our Interior Rooms
When The Beginning of The End Starts To Bloom
Think Of Noah’s Ark and How 10 Plagues Swept Like Brooms
and Remember Sodom-Gomorrah’s Doom …

Now To Those Who Live As GOD’s Enemies
Armageddon ‘Is’ Something To Fear
GOD Will Call To Account Their Blasphemies
The Bloodshed and His Children’s Tears

GOD Will Remember Their Arrogance
He Will Rain His Arrows Like Meteor-Bombs
Straight Into The Hearts of Darkness
Straight Into The Hearts of Wicked Ones

GOD Will Remember All Their Insults
and How They Belittled The Blood of His Son
So Armageddon Is A Righteous Result
As He Brings In Kingdom Come …

The Four Winds Held Back In His Holy Patience
To The North, South, East and West
Will Be Released In Storm-Force Sequence
Because They Dared Put GOD To The Test …

So, Straight Into The Hearts Of Ridicule
(But They Won’t Be Laughing Then)
As GOD Grasps This Small-Blue Jewel
To Cleanse Earth and Crush Babble-Baubles of Men

… Straight Into The Hearts of Honorless-Hordes
Into Their Vanity, and Pride and Lies
Armageddon Will Strike Like A Terrible Sword
And Won’t Stop Until Their Last Death-Cries

… The Moon Turned To Blood – Sun Scorching Hot !
Being Owned By The Beast While Their Eyes Will Rot !
Being Ate Up By Vultures and Others Is Their Lot
… and It Wont’ Matter How Much Gold They’ve Got

But To Those Who Live Within GOD’s Grace
Armageddon Is Nothing To Fear
We Are Held Safe In GOD’s Memory Place
As Armageddon Brings Mankind’s Cure …

To Those Who Live By GOD’s Good Will
Armageddon Is Nothing To Fear
And Even Many, Many Others Have A Chance Still
Before GOD’s Armageddon Gets Here

For Those Who Live By GOD’s Set Time
Armageddon Is Nothing To Fear
We Know Not The Day, But We Do Know the Sign
… so Maybe This Century, This Decade or Next … … ?

* * * * So Come Lord Jesus
Come and Free Us
You Are The King of Kings
In Whom We Trust

Let JAH’s Will Be Done
Bring Back What Is Just
Let JAH’s Will Be Done
Cleanse Iron From Rust

Let JAH’s Will Be Done
Create Diamonds From Dust
Let JAH’s Will Be Done
Armageddon’s A Must …

Yes, We Know The Ending To This Greatest Story
From The Beginning It Was Made Very Clear
To Those Who Live By GOD’s Almighty Glory
… Armageddon Was Nothing To Fear

Written and © : 3/25/2011

Posted By:  Jericho Jail

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