Friday, March 25, 2011

Updated Clandestine Occurrences

Today's Date:  March 25, 2011 - Friday.

This is an updated list of clandestine activities performed by the perpetrators of torture-harassment tactics used on my family:

Today,  March 25, 2011 (Friday) the computer virus tried to make a sneak-comeback - but was thwarted.  Now, I'm able to detect where the virus is coming from.

On March 23, 2011 (Wednesday)  When my sister went to get in her car to go to work, Her windshield had been cracked.  Also nails were scattered around her car.  I told her to file a police report.  She did.  She said the policeman who took the report, said that there had been other occurrences of that sort of vandalism in the area.  And that children/teenagers were the culprits.

However, if that was the case, why was my sister's car the only one in the parking lot that was targeted.  No other car in the parking area had any such vandalism-damage.

On March 24, 2011 (Thursday)  My sister said that when she went to get in her car today, the car door on the passenger side was unlocked.  My sister always locks her car.  I am a witness to that fact.  She was unnerved by that and came back to tell me.  I told her, they're picking with her now, because they (the perpetrators can't get a rise out of me).  I told her be patient.  Time, as well as justice - - - is on our side.  GOD will come thru eventually.  Look at all the examples we've got down thru history to prove so.

On March 25, 2011 (Friday)  My sister was going to get in her car again today.  Again, today, she came back to tell me that brand new nails had been scattered around her car once again.

Here are more previous incidents that I had made note of earlier:

The week of  March 14 - 21, 2011, my computer received a vicious virus. I was not able to retrieve my emails. Also my site entry was being blocked. What site you may wonder? The one with pictures.  Jericho's Wall  But Thank GOD Above, I'm back online.

Around  March 4, 2011, I sent some correspondence to my religious affiliation's branch headquarters.  Now, I have written this organization before in the past.  Please Note:  They always answer - ' Always ' ... No matter how short or trivial or important our letters may be.  The branch headquarters always send back a prompt reply to our letters.  However, I have yet to receive a reply back from that letter I wrote.  Fortunately I made a copy and sent another.   So its true what another victim of directed energy weapons said on their site:  The perpetrators really do interfere with mail delivery.  They don't even respect the authority of the ones they're working for.  What a tragic comedy.

Where we had lived in another complex, In the months of December 2010 and January 2011, my sister had to have her car tires fixed about three times, where they had a nail in them on each occasion. (and they had been new tires).  When she would go to get in her car, nails had been placed around the car at that time also.

Our phones are being tagged:

When I call information to get the number to some agency, they always give me an erroneous number. I’ve heard clicks on the line. And on this date 2/22/11, Tuesday, my sister said her phone was acting weird when she tried to call home – call would not go through.  And yesterday 2/21/11 – Monday, my sister said when she had called our number from work, she got a recording that spelled P L A D (and a woman laughed) and spelled C A R.  Also, I heard clicks on the phone this morning 2/22/11.  My name-email is under surveillance, for sure.  I know this because for about three weeks straight – I received no emails at all – not even spam!  The other alias emails I have were getting emails just as regular. 

Also, my sister said that there is one gray truck, that followed her and at night, jumps out in front of her, almost causing a collision.  (I know what truck she’s talking about, because when I rode public transportation, it would keep abreast of the bus.  This would be clear across town and when I got off the bus, the gray truck made sure I saw it.  If I walk around the neighborhood, I see the same cars, (I took the make and model and license plate numbers, so I know there’re the same ones)  Also, our phone is being bombarded with numbers calling from everywhere all over the nation.  One such call left a message –Muted whispers and in the background, someone was whistling ‘Bridge Over The River Kwai.

And on other posts, I've cited other things that these conscience-less people are capable of doing.  The things that these people are willing to do would be hilarious, if it wasn't so pathetic.  GOD will see an end to this situation, I am sure ...

Jericho Jail

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