Friday, March 25, 2011

' The Dawn After The Deepest Night ... '

A  Perspective  From  Jericho Jail:

This poem echoes the reality and cycle of Life ...  It is always the darkest before the dawn ...  but it is a fact that goodness, like the dawn always comes.  The night is something that is the interval - (whether that be a period of rest or an occasion of dark apprehension) the connection to the ever revolving day ... the ever oncoming day that heads into the future ... and it is bright - - - - - for we should always remember that GOD is He Who said ...  "Let There Be Light" ...

The Dawn After The Deepest Night
Is Invariably Tranquilly Bright
In Incandescent Drops of Light
It Breaks Forth In Solar Might

… Piercing Thru A Pitched-Black Wall
That Wall of Darkness To Fall
As Faint Light Floods and Burst Its Dam
Spreading Luminous To The Valley of Lambs

It Sparkles In The Dew On Grassy-Blades
Glistens Each Flower’s Hue In The Glades
It Chases The Shadows Into Shades
Its Soft Illumination, Conquers Opaque …

The Sleepy, Unfocused Vision Awakens
as Tossing and Turning Turmoil’s Forsaken
For Pale Golden Light Is Welcoming
like Butter and Bee’s Honey Is Beckoning …

It’s Like A Ram Seen On A Mountain’s Height
Or Like Snowy Doves That Land In Peaceful Flight
like Clear Skies and Soaring Eagles’ Sights
… like All Wrongs Must Fall To Right …

Yes, The Wall of Darkness Must Fall
When The Mighty Daystar Calls
and Commands For Holy Trumpets To Blow (Rev. 10: 7)
like When Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho …

like My Heart Beating, As My Heart Glows
like A Thunderstorm, Lightning and Rainbow
So Let Nightmares Everywhere – Beware!
There Is Always A Dawn Someplace - Somewhere …

It Breaks Forth With Sacred Might
In Incandescent, Divine Drops of Light
Invariably Gathering, Tranquilly Bright
The Triumphant Dawn, After Deepest Night

Written & © : 3/23/2011

Posted  By:   Jericho Jail 

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