Monday, February 28, 2011

' An Answer To Enemies (Matt. 5: 44) ... '

I Choose Life
Not Death
I Chose Love
… and Never Left …

Nor Look Behind
At Lost Regrets
I Know Where I’m Going
… No Need To Guess

I Choose Power
Not Pride
I Choose Peace
Poised Inside

I Choose Truth
Not Lies
I Choose GOD
Who Is All-Wise

… and Even If
My Last Dying Breath
I Will Defy
Any Evil-Darkness

… But You Chose Hate
Not Hope
You Chose To Ignore
What Good – GOD Spoke

You Think Causing Sorrow
Will Save You?
You Think Causing Fear
Will Raise You?

You Think Causing Pain
Will Pay You
A Great Reward
To Gain You?

But These Things
Only Stain You
In Eternal Eyes
They Shame You …

Without Mercy
They Maim You
and Into Animals
They Change You …

I Choose Kindness
Not Curse You
I Choose To Bless
and Even Nurse You

I Choose Good-Will
Not Worse For You
This Is Honesty
Not Rehearsed For You …

The World’s A Stage
We Are The Cast
But Parts We Play
We Choose The Masks …

So At Final Curtain Call
Will Your Character Bow Or Fall?
The Heralds At Costume Ball
Say Our Choices Reveals All …

I Choose King Of Kings
and Kingdom Come
Chose Eternity …
Not Oblivion …

From Dust To Dust
Earth Into Earth
Enemy To Enemy
Bury Its Worth …

Put Death To Death
Ashes To Ash
Give Memory To Mercy
Put Past To Past

Begin To Begin
and End To End
So We Can Call A Foe
… A Trusted Friend

I Reject Envy
and Treachery
I Choose Joy
and Generosity

I Choose Freedom
I Chose Faith
I Choose The Path …
We ‘Both’ Can Take

I Choose Honor
and Humility
I Choose ‘Invictus’
… Not An Enemy …

I Choose Life
Not Death
I Chose Love
… and I’ve Never Left …

Written & © : 2/27/2011

Posted By:  JerichoJail

"Invictus" is a short Victorian poem by the English poet William Ernest Henley (1849–1903).
The familiar word "Invictus" is Latin for "unconquerable”

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