Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hear The Sound Of Victory Coming

The Sound Of Victory

I awoke this morning
To the pretty sound of singing birds
and to the beautiful Voice
I heard while reading GOD’s Word …

It encouraged and invigorated
Even tho’ that “D.E.W.” hummed (Directed Energy Weapon)
It got me to thinking
About This Site “Why Did I Come?”

… I came to sing
Through the deadly silence
I came to shout
In my soul’s defiance

I came to share
The Sound Of Victory
I came to share solace
With those tortured like me …

I came to share
Information and tactics
I came to give solutions
Before “Their” Redactics

I came to receive
Needed Confirmation
That there were others
In my same situation …

This is why I came
I came to give
To join my Voice Shouting
“Just Let Us Live!”

… and leave us alone
Stop doing Us wrong
I came to sing …
My Victory Song …

JAH has heard our cries
GOD has heard their lies
He knows all the reasons
Even as we ask all the “Why(s)?”

GOD has been listening    (Ps. 66: 19)
And giving victims strength
To endure through this evil
That He will destroy it at length

and Victims will not only survive
but We will also succeed
So Sing A Victory Song      (Ps. 66: 1, 2)
We Will Win – It’s Been Decreed      ( Ps. 68: 1-6)

Composed: 3/9/2011

Posted By: Jericho Jail

This a write I posted on a site (PeacePink) for victims of directed energy weapons torture:

Hello today fellow victims. Or should I call us Survivors. I am glad I found this site where others such as myself have shared the same experiences. Horrible, though it is. But we can understand what it is like to live or should I say exist as targeted individuals. We have been targeted for torture. But the human spirit is resilient. And I must say this, when the human spirit is reinforced with GOD’s Holy Spirit, it becomes invincible.

Through all this horrible ordeal, JAH has been with me. In fact, I could not have survived this far, had GOD not comforted and empowered me. At first, when I first experienced the “hidden assault”, I did not know what to do. And I slumped deeper into a darker depression. I kept wondering what was happening and “why” was it happening to me? But this is why I love my GOD so. Yes, it was GOD that made sure I found out what was happening, even though no one else around me believed me at first. But now, the evidence is piling up that there is someone (or groups of people) out there that takes great delight in targeting individuals for whatever reason they’ve decided to do that. I really don’t care what their agenda is. I just know that it is not legal or morally right.

But at this point – this is what I want to address or write about: Our attackers, want us to think that they have come up with the perfect weapon. But through the six years of persecution that I have endured, I have found out – their weapon is not unbeatable. It is also not absolutely undetectable. I found out that while under their attack beam(s), I could hear the strikes it makes against certain surfaces (especially if you use some sort of shielding). So, I’ve decided to record the attacks against my person for proof.

Here’s how it will work: Get a video cam and an audio-recorder (preferably one that can extrapolate certain sounds and amplify them. The reason for making the video, is so that when you take this evidence to authorities or news-people, they will see you laying prone (or sitting) motionless. Just pull the shielding up over you (aluminum makes the most audible sound) The reason for the recorder, is so they will be able to hear the distinguishable sound. You see, if people can be shown that the victim is absolutely still and that there is no sound or movement in the residence, just you motionless (cut off all noise-makers, such as TV’s, radios, fans, etc.). Now, the reason you have to do both visual and audio together at the same time is because, others will “see” and hear that sound and know that it’s coming from something. It will be proof that something is going on – even if they can’t explain what – it’s something.

One morning, as I lay under my shielding (it helps to keep me from getting continuously zapped) and as I lay there, I cut off my fans (which also helps to keep that electric shower from razing your skin) – I cut off the fans and just lay there – and I heard it – it was like rat-tat-tat, rat-tat-tat (sorta like that) and I experimented with how to best hear it and yes, it was the beam, where I moved, it moved, where I stayed, it stayed. So, yes fellow victims, you can hear it. Anyway, I contacted a newsman here in Texas and told him if I could get proof of what I was saying is true, would he get the word out there. And he said he would. So, now I’m just waiting to buy the equipment I need to verify to the world that there are indeed torture-stalkers out there. Where I live, (in a townhouse apartment) The gang stalkers are: below me in the bottom apartment and in back of my home. And also across, right in front of my bedroom window, that apartment never closes its balcony door (rain or shine or cold weather) – their balcony door is always open) Also the management told me that the weekend that I had signed the lease – “sixteen” people had moved in after we had signed the lease. “16” at one time – now, you know, that’s unheard of. That’s why the management mentioned it. She even said it with a smile of surprise. Little did she know, what was going on. Anyway, I know who they are. (We only have one normal family living next to us in our unit.) But the good news is, that time is on our side. As more and more victims come forward, the public is being made aware that this is not just some stories made up by some crackpots. There are too many victims now, for us to be discounted. And when I found this site, I was hopeful that with more voices and more experiences being documented – that they will be harder pressed to just dust it off as delusional diatribe.

Also, I’m thinking that there must be some way to ascertain if victims’ bodies have sustained more than the usual amount of electromagnetic traces than is considered normal. There has got to be evidence of that, since we are constantly bombarded and zapped with those beams. So, you see, fellow torture-survivors, the proof is there. We just have to know how to go about getting it. To substantiate it. And that is why the torturers, don’t want us to come together. We would brainstorm. We would rain on their torture-parade.

Now, I’ve also been warned that there are ‘Fakers’ or ‘Plants’ that visit these sites, to try to subvert our coming together to become empowered. Now, that is nothing new, my emails, my phone calls and my whereabouts are constantly monitored. And I’ve been approached by many gang stalkers, pretending to be ‘normal people’. It seems they want to try to gauge our mental disposition and fortitude. How best to break us down. They try to induce stimuli on us, as if we are their lab rats or guinea pigs. But in reality, they are the devil’s lab rats and guinea pigs (1 John 5: 19). In moments when I feel GOD’s mercy, I feel sorry for them. I don’t condone what they do (they’re terrorists, rapists and murderers of life), but I hope that one day, they realize what they’re doing is a crime against all humanity and worse against Almighty GOD, Himself!

But in view of our ordeals, I say to all –‘us real victims’ – don’t give the torturers any evidence for their studies, their research, their tests, or their malicious enjoyment. Stay human – keep your humanity, even though the torturers have lost theirs. On one site, I read some really good advice. And that was, ‘to go about your daily activities as best you can. Learn what tactics can reduce their intrusion into your lives. The attackers want you to believe that you can’t do that. But it can be done. I’m doing it. Ignore their overtures of hate. Stay in a circle of Love – even if all you have is yourself. But above all, you need the support system of GOD. And try to find other victims who can relate to what you are going through.

I think of this torment as I would, if I had found out I had cancer (which I might have, by the time the attackers are through - with all that electronic radiation being beamed on me). But people with cancer, live with it everyday as best as they can. It’s a debilitating disease you can’t get rid of. It’s painful and deadly – cancer kills and so do these torturers. They are our cancer. But each day, try to find some beauty of life, don’t let them rob you of your soul’s peace. GOD will help you. I know this for a fact.

Well, that’s it for now fellow survivors. And remember – Time is on our side. The Wall of Secrecy Will Fall…

Posted By:  Jericho Jail

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