Sunday, March 6, 2011

' Atrocities On Earth (The Poem) ... '

This poem is today's latest enlightenment installment, I am posting about the cruel use of  "Directed Energy Weapons" on innocent citizens around the earth - including North America.

Please Note Dear Reader(s), that this post is not to downgrade or oppose technology in itself. Scientific discoveries have aided humanity in various levels and ages throughout history. Progress is good, when it is used for the better-ment of mankind. It is only when man turns science breakthroughs against the wellbeing of others without regard to "all" human life that it then becomes a threat. In that vein, that is what this site relates about. The misuse of technological advances on human beings. That horrendous use of power without authentic, proper checks and balances - - - - As the saying goes, "Power corrupts - Absolute Power corrupts absolutely".

‘ Atrocities On Earth … ’

All Atrocities On Earth
Must Be Made Known
The Rights Of Those Violated
All Those Who Have Been Wronged

The Betrayal Of Technology
Is That We Often Find
Its Gadgets That Could Be Used For Good
Is Often Used To Hurt Mankind …

“ Directed Energy Weapons ”
Posing As Nations’ “New Defenders”
But Performing Tests On Innocent Citizens
Is Its Secret Mission Agenda

So, How Can This Earth Ignore
The Voices Now Shouting Out
The Victims’ Tally Is Growing
And Telling What It’s About …

Man’s Justice Really Has Been Hidden
Behind A Thick Blindfold
Frozen As A Stone Statue
Gray In Conscience and Deathly Cold

Evil Has Their Mind-Controlled
Thoughts So Wicked, Their Vice
But Like The Wall Of Jericho
They Will Fall Down In Surprise (Isa. 14: 24)

Callousness and Co-Incidents
Can’t Be Counted For All Its Number
That The World Is In A Rabbit-Hole
It Really Isn’t Any Wonder!

Fear Has Gripped Society
The Unwary Are Reached and Caught
We Have All Seen The Results
What Giving Up Freedom’s Rights Has Wrought

… A Lowering Of Valued-Worth
Put On Our Human Lives
A Lowering Of Standards
On A Field Of Power-Lust and Lies

… A Lowering Of Beliefs
In The Peace That Comes From Above
… A Lowering Of Shared Liberty
… and A Lowering Of Love …

How Could They Be A Party To
Causing Others’ Painful Cries?
How Could “You” Torture Another
and Call Yourself Civilized?

… Condoning Evil Choices
By The Winking Of Their Eye
Accomplices To The Guilty
Wearing Underhanded Disguise

… That Something Cruel Is Up Your Sleeve
Makes You Dirtier Than Sleaze
and What Can You Teach Your Children
About Playing Fair ? … P l e a s e !

Spies and Lies and Subterfuge
The Conspiracy Is Huge!
So Is The Taxpayers’ Money
… Being Diverted and Funneled To

… The Manpower and Man-Hours
Used In This Top-Secret Operation
The Public Would Demand Answers
If They Knew About This Wasteful Allocation

But Truth Always Triumphs On Top
Just Like The Sweetest Cream
What Will You Do – Where Will You Go
To Escape “Just Desserts” Theme?

There’s No Honor Among Thieves
Loyalty Is Their Lack
What Goes Around – Comes Around, So
… Watch Your Back

What Excuse Could You Give
What Purpose Could You Explain
Throughout All of History
Your Names Will Bear Your Shame …

For All Your Corruption
And All Your Covert Crimes
Will Be Exposed To Crumble
… Thru All Of Eternal-Times

All Atrocities On Earth
Must Be Made Known
The Rights Of Those Violated
All Those Who Have Been Wronged

Prophecy Said Badness Had To Be
So We Knew It Had To Come
I Just Couldn’t Believe That Where I Live
It Would Happen Like This To Some

I’ve Heard Of Horrible Tragedies
And This Earth Exempts None
But Guess What, Clandestine Culprits ? …
The Beginning Of Your End Has Begun

( We Live In Atrocities On Earth
Towns Where Terror Does Function
For When Evil Dwells In Human Hearts
It Makes A Home For All Corruption )

Written & © : 3/6/2011

Posted By:  Jericho Jail

And let us pray for the victims’ rescue from this heinous evil …
And let us pray for the deliverance of the offenders’ souls as well …

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