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The  Jericho  Wall  Poem

Trapped behind
A Jericho Wall
I will sing and shout
Until it falls

Piece by Peace
Brick by brick
I will pull it apart
Pick by pick - - - -

I will not stop
I will give it my all
Until it crumbles
At my climbing calls

In God-Given Courage
and Victory
The Jericho Wall
Must free me

Composed:  3/1/2011

Posted By:  Jericho Jail

Hello, This is a write to help bring an awareness of a terrible situation to the attention of the unwary populace of North America. To all our fellow citizens who love our freedoms and hold dear and precious, our human rights to privacy, “safety” and dignity. There is a danger that is creeping (in fact, it has already taken a firm grip) on this part of the world. Even the way we live today. It is the fear of Terrorism and what that seed has planted. And yes, that fear has fed our determination to keep it from our homeland. But in truth, terrorism is already being practiced on our home shores. It has already taken a secret-form in our society. You may be saying at this point, what is she talking about. I am speaking about the mis-justification of the use, or abuse of power. The betrayal of the trust of the American people.

In what way? In the way certain authorities have banded together to cover up the truth about what is really going on with “Directed Energy Weapons” also known as DEW’s. Perhaps, this is the first time, even you have heard about such a thing. I know I only found out about the proper terminology about a year ago. But I have been aware of some sort of advanced technological gadgetry long before then. Unfortunately, for me and some others. – But I will get to that in a later disclosure. Right now, I just want to get the needed information out there. So that you and those you care about can be aware of the big picture and not just some spoon fed bureaucratic-broth. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Some government agencies, such as the CIA, The FBI, Homeland Security and the local police, all have assumed a hush-hush position on the matter. Even when asked about directed energy weapons, those in positions of leadership, who are supposed to be watching over our safety – claim to have no knowledge of such things as “directed energy weapons”. I know this for a fact, because I’ve tried to contact them (all four above mentioned agencies) to get the info from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Every representative, I spoke with at three of those agencies claimed or feigned ignorance as to said inventions. (and the CIA never contacted me back) And even mainstream media doesn’t bring this topic to the level of importance it should be given. (I’m am going to place links to the sites that deal with the issue of “Directed Energy Weapons” – both Pro’s and Cons of the matter.)

Now, it makes me wonder how the aforementioned parties - the media, the police, the FBI, Homeland Security and the CIA could be ignorant of such devices since they are in the business of protecting and serving the masses, have better access to such facts regarding weaponry, and are in a better position than the usual layperson to find out about such things. So, I will end this post with the hope that the listing I will leave on my blogs, will help you, dear reader(s) to decide what is really the full story behind DEW’s, Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and what and who do they test these weapons on.

The  Silence Of  The  Wall  –  Must  Fall



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The Cons * * * *

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