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' The Darkness Came Into Our World ... '

The poem below, was posted as a reminder as to who or what is really behind all the evils and treachery in the world.  Sometimes, when things happen to us personally, we forget that evil isn't just happening to one person or just 'us' only.  We forget the 'Big Picture'. But evil is here upon the whole earth.  It is rampant.  And, it isn't going anywhere.  Evil, isn't just a concept.  It isn't just an allegory. It's tangible and makes itself known by the misery it produces.    Evil takes many forms and many facades.  But it always remains in the depth of itself - wicked.  It masquerades under many agendas.  But Evil has only one motive that fuels it:  To corrupt, damage and divide as many persons as it can away from moral excellence (by any means necessary). (Job 1: 7 - to chapt. 3)   Evil, attacks each one of us in the human family, in one way or another, (crime, sickness, earth-disasters, death, economic misfortunes, relationship-betrayals, lies, etc.).  It's cruel ways are known.  It is tied up in the fingers of Mankind.  Even as we reach for independence, it enslaves our ideas and actions.  Some reach for greatness, only to be fooled into holding hands with Evil.  It rests in the bosoms and hearts of some men.  And even when the human mind tries to achieve posterity, it lurks within the vicinity, to tamper with and damage many a  well-meaning intention.  Why, some men, even embrace it!  Honestly, Mankind, cannot get rid of pure evil.  It is a supernatural mastermind bent on hatred and contempt of human beings. (Because we are a creation and loved by our Creator.  We are made in GOD's Image so, we are made for great things.  Mankind also has a wonderful future to look forward to.  And we have a chance to explore eternity and to ascend.  We can also finally achieve what our first human parents lost - complete perfection). And why are we Evil's targets?  Because Evil cannot touch GOD, but it can harm us - Those whom GOD Loves.  That is the vindictive nature of Evil.

Since Evil came into existence, by it's own rebellious choosing of envy and pride and contempt for goodness - Evil is destined to come to its end.   And Evil knows this.  And so Evil, is trying to kill all of us off - one by one.  With diabolical torture and merciless systems and  suffering, evil imprints its desires on those, unaware of its  Puppetmaster and tentacle grasp dominion.  Evil works behind the scenes of every major and minor, insidious - decision(s) of global import.  (Matt. 4: 8, 9 and 1 Jo. 5: 19)  Yes, Evil, has been behind every ignominious act of  world impact.  That is why The Lord Jesus, told us to pray:

"Our Father, Who Art In Heaven,
Holy Be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done
On Earth
As It Is In Heaven ..."

That is what that prayer means.  Millions say it, but few actually realize what they're asking for.  But we do indeed need the authority from Heaven, GOD's Kingdom to come and right "every wrong" done on this planet.  And bring true, complete justice to everyone.  Because Evil, is operating very strongly down here on earth.  It is to Evil's advantage of course, that its presence not be recognized or believed.  It is thereby easier to manipulate an unwary and ignorant society.  Hey, if you don't know who the criminal is, how can you arrest him or her?  And if you don't believe they exist, will you even look to protect yourself from them?  And what is Evil's latest methodology? - It's latest technique to torture human beings? ... It is the Directed Energy Weapons, yes, the DEW's.  Just look at the history-record of mankinds' inventions.  (The atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, nuclear warheads and so forth)  Weapons of Mass Destruction. What could and should have been used for the advancement of humankind, (the harnessing of such power) always seems to find (indeed seeks) the pathway of horror for humanity.

But have you never wondered, "If we all want the same things - to live in peace and happiness and safety and prosperity, why can't we achieve this?"  Why, if we all know what will happen when nations go to war and employ weapons of such destruction that it would ruin the earth for our children - then why on earth would we go ahead and produce those arsenals of extinction?"  "Why for thousands of years, can Mankind never come to actual peace and security, when it is what we all desire most for ourselves and our own loved ones?"  The answer:  Because it is a Mastermind of evil  in the mix.  It is a Mastermind of Evil, that will always tempt someone into greed and powerlust, vainglorious pride and prejudicial hatred.  Evil, if left unchecked, would forever tempt mankind to maim, torture and murder one another.  It's been doing it for thousands of years.  Ever since it duped the first human pair.  Evil is an expert in atrocity.  It is very persuasive in deceit and personal-gain propaganda (remember the Tree and the forbidden fruit?).

Yes indeed, it is Evil, that has incited humans to be a party to our own species fratricide in  genocide.  Such Wickedness, is a part of Evil's design.  It laughs - at each terrorist act that mankind pursues. It laughs as more and more of humanity succumbs to its base, despotic maneuvering.  This virulent hatred of what is good and right for all people (that includes you and me). Such a wickedness, is not even in the framework of humanity's hope-structure and it was definitely, Not a part of GOD's Holy Purpose

But humans cannot eradicate Evil.  In fact, Humans are tainted with it.  Just look at the news if you don't believe it.  The daily and the nightly news is filled with the proof of it.  And if we can't get rid of evil from our own selves (have you heard of sin?), how could we ever rid it from the whole earth? Again, I say to you, Mankind cannot get rid of pure evil.   Only an Almighty GOD can do that.  And GOD has promised to do just that (John 3: 16,  Ps. 37: 11-15 and Rev. 21: 4), when the perfect time, that He has decided upon (and has actually set - millenniums ago - Matt. 24: 36) comes.  So,  we cannot rush GOD.  We cannot take His Place.  (Adam and Eve and the Devil and others (Hitler, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc.) have jealously tried that, and Evil upon the earth, is the tragic result of their actions).  Psychotic-Puppets, bent on enforcing their will, (not GOD's Will)on as many individuals as possible.  And GOD help the ones that 'they' deem as dissidents.  Especially those who are law-abiding citizens.  Those who obey the laws of the land, because GOD's Word tells us to. (Titus 3: 1) We, are the ones who 'they' are supposed to be governing with fairness and justice and according human-dignities and human rights.  (Micah 6: 8 and Rom. 13: 1-7) Sadly, they too are not immune to the ploy of the greatest enemy and oppressor of people - Pure Evil.  There are even some world leaders in their positions, that are truly philanthropic, that may truly want to help people with the authority they have been granted.  But Pure Evil, will never leave all people alone in peace.  It hates GOD.  And It hates us. (Jo. 15: 18 - 23)  And even if mankind were all united - we still are no match against Pure Evil.  It takes GOD's Almighty Power and His Champion Son To take that battle on - and win. (Jo. 14: 30, Jo. 16:33, 1 Jo. 5: 4 and Rev. 20: 1 - 10)

So, we can only wait upon and within GOD's Mercy, His Wisdom, His Power and His Love.  He waits, to bring Justice ... because GOD is trying to save as many people as possible:  Giving them time and opportunity to think and change, before it is too late for them.  (I know I'm glad GOD waited for me to come to my senses (smile) ... so I know there are other sheep out there too, that He is waiting for them to make the choice between life or death.)  But we must not make the mistake of thinking that GOD will not act eventually.  That is what Evil wants you to believe.  But GOD's patience, will not be put on hold - forever.  GOD has promised to come save all those who are His (Rom. 10: 13, Heb. 5: 9 and Rev. 7: 10  - even from the grave if necessary - John 11: 25, 26).  So for those of us faithfully waiting - I encourage you to Keep holding on - GOD will not be late.  GOD is never late. (Isa. 46: 13 and Hab. 2: 2) He has given us signs to look for.  Some have already come true to prove His Words are real.  And for those who are undecided about the truth of that certainty - please make up your minds, for your own soul's sake.  His Mercy is waiting for you ... to leave the darkness ...
Written and Posted By:   Jericho Jail

‘ The Darkness Came Into Our World … ’

The Darkness Came
Into Our World
Spread Like Black Death
Or A Cancer-Smoke Swirl

The Darkness Entered
The Hearts Of Man…
It Had A Monstrous                          (Gen. 3: 4, 5)
… Evil Plan

It Came To Kill
It Came To Steal
Every Light and Joy
and Peace and Goodwill

And Every Honor
and Every Truth
It Came To Destroy
Even Real Love’s Proof

… To Hide In Shadows
Across The Land
To Blind Every Eye
With Its Wicked Brand                        (2 Cor. 4: 4)

The Darkness Covered
The Entire Earth                                 (Job 1: 7)
From Bluest Sky
To Deepest Dirt

From Green Rainforests
To Where Deserts Lay
Turned Sights and Seasons
Into Charcoal Grays

Took Over Mountains
Oceans and Seas
It Came To Enslave
What Once Was Free

To Become The Master
Of Every Living Soul
The Darkness Enveloped
In Its Cruel Hold

The Darkness Schemed
In A Malicious Dream
It Brought Us Nightmares
To Hear Our Screams                       (Mark 5: 2-13 / Lu. 9: 38-42)

What Is Darkness’ Desire?
Why Did It Do This?
It Wanted To Be ‘ GOD ‘
Worship, Was Its Wish                              (Lu. 4: 7-13)

And So With Cunning Envy
The Sinister Perjurer                                (Gen. 3: 1-5)
Hovers Over Humankind                         (1 Jo. 5: 19)
As The Great Murderer                            (Jo. 8: 44)

But Wait … Something Flickered           (Gen. 3: 15)
Greater Than It’s Tricky Tongue
Something That Would Undo
All The Bad, Darkness Had Done          (1 Jo. 3: 8)

Something That Glowed                          (Prov. 4: 18)
Loyal Illumination Lit                             (Ps. 97: 10)
Something That Made Darkness
Greatly Fear It                                        (Lu. 4: 34 / James 2: 19)

Something - Like Fire
Something - Like Faith
Something - Like Hope
Something - Like Brave

Something That Grew
Bright Like A Sun                               (Rev. 21: 23)
Something That Announced
“A New Day Had Come!”                   (1 Jo. 2: 8)

In The Form Of A Star
A Daystar Of Power                            (2 Pet. 1: 19)
As It Rides In The Heavens                (Lu. 21: 27, 28)
The Darkness Cowers                         (Matt. 24: 30)

For Even Darkness Knows
That The Daystar Of Power
Is Shining Forth To Bring                 (Rev. 6: 1, 2)
The Darkness’ Last Hours                 (1 Jo. 2: 18)

… The Darkness Came
Into Our World
Angry That It Had Been
… Cast Out and Hurled                     (Rev. 12: 9-12)

So Fear Not The Darkness
All GOD’s Little Children
The Knight-Light Shines                   (Jo. 8: 12 / Rev. 21: 23, 24)
To Save You Always … Amen           (Jo. 16: 33)

Written and © : 3/14/2011

Posted On. 3/14/11 / By:  Jericho Jail

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