Friday, March 25, 2011

' A Victim's Fortitude '

I thank GOD today
For the Grace to say “I’m ok.”

I’m not the best I’ve been
I’m not the best I’ll be, but then …

I awoke today with energized life
I’m Alive … A bit older and a bit wise

My hampered-hope scope has grown in size
and any tears in my eyes, I can revise …

and review ‘This Moment’ of life’s meaning
(not the misery, that sits enviously scheming)

… against the Sunshine, which by the way is Beaming! …
thru my window, for my own private screening

of the movie, the manuscript of my Life
It’s like 007’s – “You Only Live Twice”

For I have become a Sacred-Secret-Agent
against the forces of evil’s intent

Those dark forces – on the other side
Those forces – that plot horror and hide

Those forces – that plot to enslave Humankind
in a hideous and honorless design

But Heavenly strength, has been granted me
to oppose and defeat evil’s atrocities

I’ll go Inside my assigned Secret Place
inside the Sacred Sanctuary – Inviolate Space

To the Pinnacle Peace of Prayer and Praise
where my soul submits to GOD’s Glory and Grace

Where my palms and psalms are reverentially raised
in humble, devotional ways

in solid-soldierly, steadfast Faith
… that can block any bad-beam or blaze …

Because the mirrors of my mind belong to GOD
The Power of His Love, rushes thru my heart and blood

His lightning-truth, flashes over my body and face
His Song of Victory – my tongue ever tastes

and in His Everlasting Arms, I am embraced
like a Crystal Shield, that I am encased …

See – GOD’s Mercy is of such Magnitude
it gives me a fantastic Fortitude …

… foes – hear me battling back at you
“I forgive you” but there’s a warning too …

You’ll be consumed by my refuel
When I say Hallelujah – it’s my renewal !

and I thank GOD “Today”
for the Grace to say … “I’m ok”

I’m not the best I’ve ever been
I’m not the best I’ll be – but then …

                 Written & © : 3/25/2011

     By:   Jericho Jail

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