Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Dialogue of Determination

I am now more than ever determined to maintain my Christian perspective throughout this whole ordeal. I am also beginning to think of ways in which to lessen the force of the attacks on me. Jehovah Be Blessed - some of them actually work (even when the attackers intensify whatever force they're using) I call them my 'garment-shielding' Now, for the actual skin protection, there is none so far. But I'm going to start experimenting with some things.  Lotions, creams, materials, etc..  I've got my thinking cap on now.  Nothing beats a fail, but a try.

As a victim, I also think it is time to speak out against this sinister secret, in public forums. (Newspapers, Television, etc.) However, there is more power in numbers, so until I can connect with more tortured-sufferers, I will be content, to blog my experiences out here. And yes, victims do have to be careful as to who to believe are actual Targeted Individuals. Because the perpetrators have accomplices who pretend to be victims, just to put forth misleading claims and information.  They do this to throw justice off the track .

But, I have also begun actively to send out letters, exposing this terror atrocity, to various Human Consciousness Organizations, such as Human Rights Org., Amnesty Int., etc., and will continue to do so.  (Even as they are targeting me with electrical stings right now.)

My intent is to let as many people know what is going on (whether they believe it, ignore or harass it, or just think I'm coo-coo for coa-coa puffs, (or already know about it).  In any event, it is true what is happening and I am determined to tell it! For a forewarned public is an armed public.

I do believe, that is why the attackers have stepped up their torment-tactics and regiment on me. My determination has made them range around me like flies on fruit in summer! (My emails and responses are stunted - I don't even get spam mail - my blogs are watched) The phones may also be tagged. However, for the past four years now, I have had eyes stung, feet burned, nape of neck burned, mild suffocation as I lay, belly cramped, skin razed, obscene vibrations and yes raped (all day long, all night long - everyday, every night) - this is already inflicted on me. Not to mention the odd pollution put on my property, trash thrown by gang-stalkers, being followed and having dogs sic'ed on me the moment I walk out the front door, lied on and confrontations with that gang-stalking-bunch.

Someone warned that I should not tell others, or make waves or it will get worse.  But as I told them - "What are they gonna do - torture me to death?" You see, my point? They're already doing that.  And sometimes, overkill, just makes a person immune.

Each time, only makes me stronger - more determined to survive in God's Love. Some days are worse than others, but some days like today ... I'm ready.

Today (8/2/10 - Monday), I sent out correspondence to various talk shows, state representatives and more human rights agencies. I also talked with the elders of my congregation about my being tortured and gave them my research information. Today (8/2/10 – Monday), I also called the FBI, talked with an agent, Willie Dominguez and sent an email to them and another to the CIA. Whether the agencies respond or not, they cannot say they were never aware of the problem.

Also, I'm getting more innovative. I find stuff that works for awhile when attackers, intensify their beam. I will keep trying and finding something that works ... and so the battle continues - day by day.  But, I'm going against the technology, and the mindset of those who employ it cruelly.  As for the people who do these things, as far as I'm concerned, they are already in hot water with Jehovah God. It doesn't get any worse than that!

So now, they are stepping up their heartless antics. That only makes me dig in like a potato - having more eyes to see what I should do. And there is one very important factor that the attackers don't even consider: JEHOVAH.  He is the One teaching me to benefit myself - (Isa. 48: 17)

So, this has become added incentive to expose this treatment and (or) find a defense against it. Because if the ones who manufactured this weapon, do not have a defense against it. And they do not care to find one for obvious reasons, so, someone else has to.

Now, these torturers would like us to believe that these weapons are undetectable or invincible. I do not believe that. "Sound" whether infra or ultra can be diffused.  And also identified. (or they would never have been able to develop it as a weapon) The victims, just have to find out what that is. It may be a slow and thwarted, trial and error process, but as sufferers and victims, we really don't have a choice but to press on in hope and resolution. With Jehovah's  and Christ's Help, we will succeed. This is my second mission in life ... My first, is sharing the love and truth of the source of peace and freedom - Jehovah God.

Jericho Jail

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