Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday's Sink - ing

Saturday, I had a good day. For a couple of hours, my antagonists had left the premises. How do I know that? Because during that time, I had absolutely no flesh stinging, eye zapping or vibration on my genital or anal areas. And I also had a successful Saturday Night.

How I define success, is that I was able to limit the effects of the torturer’s attacks. When the torturers had returned, the ‘beam’ was again pointed and vibrated on my private parts, but was not able to complete penetration. Not as it had at former times. I did not feel the full force of it, like I have at other times. I had come up with another new garment shielding. So, “Right now” the shielding, is lessening the weapon’s force. (Unfortunately, they always seem to calibrate their methods eventually)

But this is how I knew, the attackers were trying: When they can’t get to their desired target (always the private areas) the way they want to, I notice the attacks turn to razing over my skin. However, the beam still continued to harass me in the usual ways: searching my body, skin, eyes, mouth, nose, feet. Following me around. To the kitchen; to the bathroom. Scanning and vibrating me in my most personal moments. Touching me there.

Striking me with stings, in the back of the neck, as I tried to eat a meal in peace, type up my journals or watch television. But I’m getting to the point where the pain (physical/psychological) is bearable. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not immune to their fierce attacks. And I still suffer as any tortured soul would. But I think I’m becoming inured to the constant torment. And as I said before, I’m hanging in there. And I know I’m only able to do so, because of my constant prayers to my God, Jehovah in Jesus’ name. So Saturday, I was able to get some sleep.

Sunday, also was manageable. I got up and did my Sunday routine. After finished getting ready my sister and I went to our Christian meeting. Came back home. Straightened up my mess in my bedroom and bathroom and prepared my meal. For about an hour after I came home, there was no attacking my person. That is up until around 5:40 or 6:00 p.m. Then as usual, right on target (pun intended – have to have some kind of sense of humor to get thru this) The attack commenced and continued throughout Sunday night. So, nothing unusual in the life of a non-volunteer victim.

I went to sleep with the t.v. on, but, around 2:00 a.m. I woke up and went to clean my bowl in the sink. That’s when I received an unpleasant surprise. . .

When I attempted to turn the hot water on, the crystal knob on the kitchen faucet shot upwards towards the ceiling like a rocket! Water streamed up like a geyser in a National Park! Water spilled everywhere. That woke me up fully. And I was quick thinking enough to immediately turn the water off underneath the sink. But water was on the bar, where one of our phones is located (and oh, the phone’s speaker came on (loudly) and wouldn’t shut off! All the while of the water melee!) I had to unplug the phone to get it to shut off. But we have another one I plugged in. I called my sister (she was on the nightshift) and told her what had happened. We talked a few moments, encouraging each other with sisterly support. My sister and I kinda’ believe that someone had tampered with it. Because she had just asked me was something wrong with the water 'again' just a day earlier. It had been fixed and was working fine. Had someone come into our home while we were at our ‘routine Sunday’ meeting? At this point in time, we’ll never know. However, when I hung up the phone, I got busy cleaning up the mess. And I was so calm, so unperturbed, it amazed me.

Jehovah be praised and blessed. I felt his Holy Spirit comforting me. Because now that I know what's happening, that took all the bite out of the equation. Although I know that the 'attackers' are serious in their attempts to frighten, humiliate, torture and yes, even cause death, the situation really doesn't have the power to break, love and integrity or dignity. The meetings, the daily texts, the love in Jehovah's Circle, has shown me the ultimate power we possess ... Jehovah's Protection. Oh sure, 'the attackers' may scoff and think 'What Protection - we're torturing you?' But ‘they’ conveniently forget, the godly people of old, like, Job, Joseph, David, and Jesus, had long durations of being targeted unjustly and tortured, until God intervened. See, good, will always prevail over bad in the end.

As Christians, we know why these things have to be. Of course, I don’t want to be the one tortured. I wouldn’t wish this kind of treatment that we endure, on a dog. But it reminds us that evil – pure evil exists. And we as non-volunteer victims, being tortured, face that evil everyday. Society’s breaks with morality and conscience, shows why mankind must be ruled by God. These torture-episodes will stand as testimony for all time that we need rules that cannot be broken; Slipshod under; or Slither into hiding. Yes, in Eternity – God’s rules and laws will never be questioned as to their validity and necessity again.

But again, what I realized this Sunday to Monday dawning, was that even when the attackers are at their most vicious, JAH comes to me and gives me 'The Power Beyond What Is Normal' - (2 Cor. 4: 7) And with it, comes ... Peace. … And His Promise. The meetings always remind us that Satan's Time - is short. And it will be the same for those who follow his wicked path. So, if we victims, survivors, can just hold on until the rescue comes, we'll make it to sweet justice and Paradise. And for the knowledge that I now understand what is happening, I humbly Bless Jehovah. I also have to give a tremendous thanks to some of the other sites of targeted victims, for being on the web. Their admissions took the perplexity and the loneliness of being the only one suffering this bizarre torture and gave me a form of perseverance. God knew I needed to read and share their pain as they also understand my own. One day, when this evil practice is exposed, we victims will also share in the victory.

As for the Sunday’s Sink incident, I was able to let that go down the drain. Really if someone did break into our home, I don’t know why it should surprise me. Listen as I quickly relate what happened about a year ago:

In our previous apartment, someone put a hole in my bathroom ceiling. I was using the bathroom when I noticed it. I called maintenance to come patch it up, but they didn’t get around to it that day. The hole started out very small, then got to be the size of a golf ball. And it was situated right above my bathtub. So until someone could come fix it, I put tissue paper there, to stop up the hole. In the middle of the night, I got up to use the bathroom and the tissue paper was gone. It hadn’t fallen on the floor or tub or toilet or behind anything – I checked. I then put a face towel in the hole. I positioned the face towel half way ‘til it looked like a badminton object hanging out. But in the morning, the face towel had vanished (or) got pulled through too!

Now, The hole hadn’t appeared, until the new neighbors had moved in. And the day after maintenance had repaired it. The hole through the plaster could still be seen, like it was a thin veneer over an opening. I had maintenance come back and do another coat of plaster.

We had been living in the apartment for about five months and  life was normal. But shortly after the hole in the ceiling incident, the beam vibrations began in that apartment …

Jericho Jail

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