Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Poem Describing The Infrasound Effects

‘ The Vultures & The Owl ’

The Vultures Are Waiting On A Secret Wall
But The Wall Of Secrecy Will Fall
‘Whooo?’ Says The Observant Owl
“The Vultures Waiting With Scowls!”

The Vultures Sit On Limbs Of Forbidden Trees
They’re Waiting to Pick At Our Eyes, Even Our Knees
On Our Flesh, Even Feet, They Want To Feast
They Want To Pluck Our Heart Beats With Beaks

Even Now, They Live Above My Roost
Their Favorite Place, They Like To Unloose
Their Foul, Bloodshot Eye Beams
The Vultures Take Turns In Teams

Trying To Disrupt My Peace & Rest
In My Lovely Tree Of Life Nest

They Use An Armada Of Cars, Trying To Irk Us
They Drive Around Me, Looking Like Clowns In A Circus
It Is The Same Cars
Distance Done, Near Or Far ...

... Same Color and Make
The Same License Plates
Sometimes, The Same People
Always The Same Peep-Holes

… An Army Of Vultures Against Me
Wing Spans Of Animosity
They Circle Around In Bets
Waiting for Desert-Desserts Of Death

Am I A National Threat ?
Naw!... Just An Old Woman, They’re Trying To Wreak

Have I Committed Some Crime? … No!
But I’m Their Foe. Why?... I Don’t Know.
I Don’t Know Anything About Espionage
But, I Know When Someone’s Following, Is No Mirage

I’m Under Surveillance, Under Attack
I’m The Subject Of A Million-Dollar-Track!
All That Money – Going To Waste
How Many Hungry Children, Do They Taste?

They Have Failed …
Tho’ They’ll Never Tell
Throwing Resources Into A Bottomless Well
After A Secret Weapon, They’re Trying To Sell

... In Tests and Bad Experiments
Against This Owl With Wings, Heaven Sent
I Fly To A Place They Cannot Reach
Not Even A Vulture’s Supersonic Screech!

… Jehovah, Is My Tower Aloft
Jehovah, Makes Their Hard-Hits, Soft
Jehovah, Tells Me What To Do
... What To Say and To Whooo!

I Fly Beyond Their Harsh Sounds
I Fly Above Their Stares and Look Down
I Forgive Their Heartless-Harm & Devastation
I Pity Their Soul-Starved Situation

See, They Get On The Bus, Texting With Talons
In Two’s or Three’s, Triangulating Weapons
Did The Pawns Receive Judas-Dollars
To Attempt To Make This Owl Holler?

Still, I Don’t Give Those Vultures A Hoot
As Infrasound Guns They Continue To Shoot
For I Have No Woe-Begone Wail
See, I Told You The Vultures Have Failed

As I Ride & Listen To My Soul Songs
All In A World Of My Own

They Have Failed
But They’ll Never Tell
Throwing All Those Resources Into A Bottomless Well
After A Secret Weapon They’re Trying To Sell

I’m Bred From Texas, Where We Call Them Buzzards
Or Tequila Tormentor Drunkards
Their Blank Stares Are Soulless
Tumbleweeds, Rolling Remorseless

Buzzards, Sitting On A Barb-Wire Fence
Where The Night’s Howls, Gets So Intense
But This Owl Soars By Spirit-Sonar
Straight Into The Arms Of My Holy Father

The Vultures Are Waiting On A Secret Wall
But The Wall Of Secrecy Will Soon Fall
‘Whooo?’ Says The Observant, Insightful Owl
“While The Vultures, Wait With Scowls!”

Written & © : 8/22/10

Jericho Jail

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