Saturday, August 7, 2010

Their Reign/Rain Of Terror

Maghohr’ Missaviv

A Hebrew Term Meaning Fright All Around – Jeremiah 20: 3, 10

Hello again, It's me a tortured victim. Still surviving in the “Fright All Around”, that is inflicted upon me. I was looking at what another victim had came up with for some (limited) protection, (every little bit helps you know). I had also thought about the water bottle suggestions and their endurance has encouraged me to apply that method. Also about the milk cartons, I might give that a shot also. As the other victim had said something about applying jelly to the targeted area, (as a possible relief measure), the victim stated it as though we would think it an absurd idea. However, I thought he might like to know that I've tried petroleum jelly or some kind of thick, greasy ointment in the same manner. Yes, it is messy. But you can wrap up the area after saturating it, to keep it from being messy. I applied petroleum jelly to where they were targeting and I felt the electric-rain scattering around, as it sought to inflict damage. But no direct hit happened. The petroleum jelly when applied thickly, does seem to limit the infrasound strikes. The beam has less force and doesn't seem to be able to penetrate fully- so when they beam me there, it is definitely less painful (honest). And plastic. Plastics seems to work until they find the frequency and up the power input of the beams. But I've been using all kinds of plastic and for awhile, it works. (Now, I won't give out all my secret formulas, because then, they will counter-attack. Also, I thought about frequency disruptors or frequency jammers. You know, like cell phone jammers or something like that. I don't know if infrasound or ultrasound can be jammed or distorted like cell phone receptors, but it's worth a try. Anyway, I think I'll do some more research on the topic. Find out if its possible. The internet has information on something about pulse waves and generators. But get this, in the United States, the only ones who can legally purchase the frequency disruptors/jammers are the military, and law enforcement agencies. That tells me something. They must work. And that just may be our defense against these malicious torment-dealers. We victims, need to start communicating and brainstorming. Because if we don't. No one else will. You know, for every man-made weapon, there is usually a counter-tactic. We, just have to endure and find out what it will be. The more we victims speak out, the closer we will get to a solution. Today, I had to get another computer safeguard. "They" had really slowed down my computer to a snail-crawl. At one point, my cursor was even moving by itself – seriously! But its back up running somewhat proficiently.

On Wednesday night (8/4/10), the torturers were particularly vicious. They managed to keep me up every two hours to use the bathroom in excessive urination. And a pain-blast to the leg. Thursday, all day was better, even Thursday night. I managed to come up with another pain preventative measure. Friday, I managed to have a peaceful night, (although it wasn’t due to their lack of trying) Every time I moved, they moved with me, focusing that beam. Today (Saturday), I’ve managed to type this up for posting. As I said in the above writing, the computer had to undergo a new firewall system, due to security issues. And now, I definitely know they have my phone conversations tagged. At one point, I got disconnected from the computer people. When I tried to call back, I got a person who tried to pretend they were with our internet provider. To make a long story short, I found them out, before they could go into full fraud and they hung up without another word. When I called back, I was connected to a ‘real representative’ of the internet company. And I’m able to post this tonight.

This is Saturday night (8/7/10). The attackers, always seem to get intensely vicious on me, on Saturday nights. So, its time for me to prepare myself for a group/gang assault. Ready for their reign/rain of terror all around, all night. I may cry, but I will not cave in. To all tortured victims - keep your emotions safe, keep hope strong and keep believing – Jehovah God will give us justice. The wall of secrecy will fall ... Prayers will prevail. (Jeremiah 20: 10 – 13  &  Phil. 1: 28)

Jericho Jail

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