Saturday, August 21, 2010

Three Days & Ongoing Lessons ... Of Forgiveness & Peace

August 21, 2010 – Saturday … Today, I was able to put my thoughts and feelings into a clearer perspective. The previous weekend of August 13th, 14th and 15th (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) was the weekend of our area, (Jehovah’s Witnesses’) District Convention. Those three days endowed me with many blessings. They reminded us as Christians, to stay focused on the most important thing of all – the doing of Jehovah God’s Will, by following His Son, Jesus Christ.

For me personally, those three days brought me peace. They renewed my vigor for endurance and courage. They reaffirmed the promises of a beautiful future. And the knowledge that I am on the right path brings me a pure joy of heart. And all of these thoughts, convictions and feelings have coalesced into a vibrant and meaningful objective … One of peace, forgiveness and Love. Now, the reader might ask: Was it easy to come to this confidence? I would have to answer – no.  Let me explain why …

On Thursday, Aug. 12th, my sister and I drove up to the convention area of Belton, TX. We stayed in Temple, TX, a lovely little town close to the convention site. I was followed and targeted in my “very nice” hotel room. Each day, beginning with that Thursday, I was subjected to the infrasound/electromagnetic weapon(s). Fortunately, I had already surmised that the ‘attackers’ would try this, so I packed and came prepared for everything and anything. So, although they attempted to undermine this resourceful and pleasant period of rejuvenation – they failed.

See, being spiritually fed and soothed and strengthened by God’s Word, the Bible and all the loving, wonderful, genuine Christian friends, was so calming and so powerful, that there was no room left for anything else. Nothing negative can survive or beat goodness. The Holy reminders and instructions and God’s promises are so beautiful and brilliant, that His spoken words outshine and overpower everything else.

I was left feeling like I’ve been bathing in waterfall rainbows! That’s how I really feel, when I’m drawn close to my God. And that was the theme of the convention – “Remain Close To Jehovah”. This exceptional time, brought me back to my first love (Rev. 2: 4, 19). It reminded me of how short a time we have to complete our duty of being messengers of God’s peace and purpose. And so, as those three days concluded, (I hated for it to end) I was left with a gift of peace. My trust in Jehovah is complete. I am an obedient, devoted follower of the Master, Christ Jesus, who is over the Congregations of God. Jesus is marching forward – triumphantly! And the time left for every evil is short, very short. (1 Cor. 7: 29 & 1 John 2: 18) I forgive my tormentors (Luke 23: 24) Some of them do not know the full import of what they are doing. Some of them do. I forgive them all. Since the Convention, I have seen many of them face to face. I’ve even spoken to a few of them. Some of them even have a pang of conscience (I can tell). But everybody has a choice to make in the final call of life. I hope they wake up. Not just for my sake which is for obvious reasons. But even more for their own. Now, I’m walking in the footsteps of Christ.

Readers, listen (Rev. 2: 7) this is not just a momentary, euphoric, and didactic feeling. After attending the convention and deeply meditating on what we were urged to think about, I am more determined than ever to continue on the path of righteousness. I know that some people do not like that word (righteousness). Some persons, through hypocrisy and ridicule, have made it a scurrilous word, or self-pious sounding. But Jehovah uses it, (Isa. 26: 9) so I must too. I hope to live up to it.

In this instance, and forevermore, I have again begun singing in prayers and praises to Our Great, Loving God, Jehovah.  Jesus, the Son and King be Blessed.  Love to all, especially my spiritual brothers and sisters. May we all keep worshiping in spirit and truth.  And let us pray for our enemies.

For, the wall of secrecy will fall ... Prayers will prevail. (Jeremiah 20: 10 – 13 & Phil. 1: 28)

Jericho Jail

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