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Written For The Memorial Of The Christ

On Sunday, April 17, 2011, was the official date for the Christian Observance of  The Memorial of The Lord Jesus Christ.  The world in general terms it - The Lord's Last Supper.  That occasion and the date this year, fell on April 17, 2011.  It corresponds to the proper date of  Nisan 14 on the Jewish Calendar.  Nisan 14, is the date that the Hebrew Passover is ceremonially observed every year.  I think The date is calculated to the seasonal new moons and thus for other calendars - the date varies every year on non-Jewish calendars.  However Each year, millions of Jehovah's Witnesses around the globe, Celebrate this Holy Occurrence with joy and gratitude for the Sacrifice that Jehovah and Jesus Christ made for the Love of Righteousness and Mankind's sake.  In fact, Christ Jesus commanded all true Christians to do so.  (Luke 22: 13 - *19, 20)  Also many non-Witnesses, who also want to show their appreciation for what The Lord and His Father has done for them in providing the means of salvation,  join in attending this sacred event with Jehovah's people, the followers of Christ.

This spiritually-historic occasion always has a deeply, moving effect on me and others.  The celebration is performed just as it was, when Jesus (who was Jewish) prepared it.  And the date is so powerfully-touching and memorable, because it coincides with the exact date and moments in Jesus life as it happened - just a little over two thousand years ago.  So this is Christ Jesus' commemoration of the new passover lamb - His Life offered up to ransom obedient and faithful humanity from death's grip.  And when one attends The Memorial of Jesus Christ - its like going back in time and reviewing the actual steps and agonies:  The close moments He spent with His disciples, the  prayers and the moonlight in Gethsemane, and Christ's blood-sweat ... His impassioned plea to His Father, and the angel's  support, and even Judas' betrayal and then seeing Christ's faithful and resolute courage in the face of such ominous happenings.  From the moment one leaves the observance, your mind is on Christ and what He did for us.  It's an awe inspiring feeling!  It brings one closer to the Savior.  And it brings one closer to realizing the great depth of love Jehovah has for mankind (John 3: 16)  In meditating on these intense things, I even am given more strength to endure the unfairness of being a targeted individual of directed energy weapons.  Yes, I suffer -  but I'm a sinner like everybody else.  But Jesus Christ suffered and He surely did not ever deserve any such atrocities that were heaped on Him.  And yet, Jesus accepted that it was something that He had to go through and remained in a positive frame of mind.  Yes, thinking on the strength of the Savior - gives me more strength to endure my ordeal(s) too.

Since there is so much happening in my life right now, I  am just now posting this very important affair.  But  it has been evermost on my mind.  Hence, this log in.  Jehovah Be Blessed and Praised - For Sending His Son To Save Us.  In The Name of Jesus Christ, The King Who Is Bringing The Rescue ... Amen

Christ Is Alive !
Why Did Jesus Have To Die? … ’

(Luke 24: 51)

The Christ, The Christ Is Alive!
The King Continues To Rise
Higher Than Earth Skies
Higher Than Our Eyes Surmise …

This Is His Immortal Prize
His Power He Now Applies
To The Saving Of All Our Lives
If We Take What He Supplies …

The Christ, The Christ Is Alive!
They Tortured Him, But He Survived
They Killed Him, But To Their Surprise
The Christ Came Back Forever Alive!

… They Whipped His Back
and Slapped – Attacked
In His Face They Spat
Yes, They Did That …

On His Head, They Put A Thorny-Band
They Nailed His Feet And
They Nailed His Hands
and Into His Side A Spear They Ran …

They Hung Him Like A Side of Beef
They Swung Him Up Like He Was A Thief
They Did This To The Prince Of Peace! …
To GOD’s Son and Our High Priest …

(Now What Won’t They Do To You and Me?)

The Christ, The Christ Is Alive!
They Said With Wondrous – Cries!
And Others Saw Him Arise
Into The Bright Clouds On High   (Acts 1: 9)

The Christ, The Christ Is Alive!
More Brighter Than A Sunrise!
More Mightier Than Death-Ties
Lovely As Rainbows and Doves That Flies …
Christ’s Angels Is Sending His Signs! …

So, Go – Tell It To All !
Make Your Faith Stand Very Tall
Make Every and Any Doubt Fall
As You Hear Lord Christ Jesus Call …

So, Go – Let Everyone Know !
Let Your Light Shine and Humbly Show
Let Your Love For Others Overflow
Jesus Christ Told Us To Do So …

The Christ, The Christ Is Alive!
Our Tears Of Pain He Dries
This Mercy, We Derive
By The Son of GOD, So Wise

* * * * * * * * * *

Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
So He Could Defeat Every Slanderous Lie
Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Prove Love Is Stronger Than Any Fire

Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Bring The Rescue To You and I
Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Bring Back Eden’s Paradise

Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Bury Death For All Of Time
Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
It Was Perfect For Perfect – An Eye For An Eye
(1 Cor. 15: 22, 45,   Exodus 21: 24)

Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Undo Every Evil-Incarnate Vice
Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Do GOD’s Will of Loving Sacrifice

Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Show They Can’t Beat The Son Of JAH !
Why Was Jesus Allowed To Die?
To Show He Trusted His Father – That’s Why … …

Now, The Wheat Fields Are White
The Wheat Fields Are Ripe
The Great Harvest Is A Godly Delight
In The Gathering To Christ’s Right

The Sheep Are Coming In
And The Flock Is Singing Amen
For The Master’s Blood Cleanse
In Forgiveness Of Our Sins

From His Side Others Cannot Pry
Christ Will Never Say Goodbye
As Long As We Testify …
That King Jesus Christ Is Alive!

The Christ, The Christ Is Alive!
In The Heavens – The Conqueror Rides
And He Sits By His Father’s Side
As The Millennium Kingdom Arrives …

 Yes, The Christ

                                 Jesus Christ …

                                                Is Alive !

Posted On : 4/20/2011

Posted By:   LC  Jericho

Another Addition Put On This Date:  FridayApril 22, 2011

Something of import today. (Friday, April 22, 2011) Something that was lovingly and honestly given to me this morning. A message of hope and truth. The power of encouragement for me and you. The power of endurance. The Power of Peace … From GOD’s Word the Bible:

Ezekiel 33: (32) - - - - And look! You are to them like a song of sensuous loves, like one with a pretty voice and playing a stringed instrument well. And they will certainly hear your words, but there are none doing them. (33) And when it comes true --- look! It must come true --- they will also have to know that a prophet himself had proved to be in the midst of them.

Ezekiel 34: (27) - - - - And the tree of the field must give its fruitage, and the land itself will give its yield, and they will actually prove to be on their soil in security. And they will have to know that I am Jehovah when I break the bars of their yoke and I have delivered them out of the hand of those who had been using them as slaves.

Yes – I Believe and KNOW … that Deliverance Is Coming - - - - So All Fellow Victims and Sufferers of Injustice – Hold On Tight …

Posted On : 4/22/2011  Friday

Posted By: LC Jericho

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