Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Observation On Justice and Legal Systems

‘ A Legislative Body That Is Beautiful … ’

(Romans 13: 1 – 7)

When The Legislative Body Is Beautiful
And The Face of Justice Is Divine
Governing Hands of The Lands, Graciously Demands
and Is Devoted To Destroying Crime …

When Principalities of Power Is Polished
To Assure That All Its Principles Climb
And The Administration and Its Litigation
Is Kept Moving In Lovely Law-Abiding Lines …

On Reasonable Issues and Ordinances
And Worthy Deals and Declarations
Then Your Weighty Supreme Court Decisions
Truly Is A Checks and Balance Regulation …

As You Poll and Pledge To The Populace
Even Under Pressure of Majority Requests
The Twigs and Little Limbs Receive Less
The Tree Of Society’s Bark Gets The Best

And If Its Branch-Heads Reach Maturity
And Constitution’s Fruit Is Sourly Compromised
Then It’s Not Just “Leaves of Trust” Ripped Off
It Is The Breaking Off of Hope In Our Lives …

When The Legislative Body Is Not Beautiful
Her Tendrils Are Listless and Dull
And If The Face of Justice Is Not Divine
Her Look Is Drunken, As If Wine Lulls

The Legislative Body Should Be Beautiful
Not Disfigured With Forms That Are Cruel
The Face of Justice Should Be Divine
Not Distorted and Smeared With Grime Pools

The Legislative Body Is A Tool
In The Right Hands It Is Sculptured Art
The Face of Man’s Justice Should Display Truth
Not Razor Teeth To Tear Fairness Apart!

The Legislative Body Must Be Beautiful
Something To Be Desired and Dutiful
The Face of Justice Must Be Divine
Her Character We Must Find Suitable

If The Legislative Body Is Beautiful
Then The Face of Justice Is Divine
If You Strive To Make This Act Possible
This Prayer and Plea Is For You To Find:

“May Sincerity Sit In Your Seat and When You Speak
May Honor Rise Up When You Take The Floor
And Make Your Amendments With Humility
And You Won’t Have To Make Excuses Anymore …

… All Presidents and Prime Ministers
Barristers, Attorneys or Public Defenders
Judges, Court-Counselors and Jurors
Chairpersons, Dignitaries and Emperors …

Shahs, Sheiks, Sultans and Deliberatives
House Speaker In House of Representatives
The House of Commons and The House of Lords
CIAs, FBIs, Interpols, Scotland Yards …

Armies, Navies, Marines and Air Force
and Local Law Enforcements Of Course
Democratic Systems or Monarchies
Kings and Queens and Other Ruling Entities …

… Guard What Has Been Granted To You
Enhance The Stature of Hearts and Minds
And The Legislative Body Will Be Beautiful
And The Face of Justice – Divine”

Keep Terror and Tyranny Locked All Times
Make Chaos and Callous – Things Deplorable
Then Justice’s Face Will Begin To Shine
And Legislative’s Body Will Be Wonderful …”

Then The Authority of Man Is Applauded
And Its Leaders Individually Are Blessed
When Conscience, Courage and Conviction Join
With Moral Obligation – Seeking Excellence

So Statesmen, Senators, Congresses, Parliaments
May Your Rules Reflect GOD-Given-Rights Requirements
May Your Hands Uphold Valued-Ethics
As You Play Your Party-Piano-Politics

… and The Legislative Body Is Beautiful
And The Face of Justice Is Divine
When Governing Hands of The Lands – Bands
Together To Form A More Perfect Bind ...


The Face of Justice’s Aspect Is of Divinity
Construed Not of Earth, But Heaven’s Vicinity
It Is Fair, Perfect-Formed and Balanced Universally
It’s Where You Find The Ruling Look of Theocracy
In The Face of Almighty LORD GOD’s Sovereignty

The Perfect Body of Law Is Fathomable
It Is Fine Tuned and Fault-Free and Factual
Its Verdicts, Edicts, Articles; Are Time-Tested Actuals
Its Deeds, Licenses, Titles; Are Tax-Free Contractuals
As It Owns The Right To Eternity’s Allowables

Its Codes, Contexts, and Cases Are Venerable
Its Judiciary Defense and Domain Is Indomitable
It’s Closing Arguments Are So Powerful
It Is The Awe of The Law: Decisions Final
Sets The Precedent For All Man-Made Models

It Covers All Court Costs – It’s Not Prejudicial
But To Receive Complete Clemency Is Conditional
To Receive A Favorable Hearing Just Be Humble
Tell The Truth, Whole Truth and Just Truthful
For It’s The Scholar-Corrector On Life’s Editorials

This Canon of Law Is Indispensible
Its Advocates Prove That It Is Operable
When It’s Opened and Read It Is Wonderful!
Bound In Oaths and Vows and Thunder-Rumbles
But More Than That – It Touches Our Spiritual

The Book Of GOD’s Law Is Without Equal
When This Beautiful Body Is Followed It Is Legal
It’s Safe; Consistent; Uniformed; Textured; Logical
It Is Keeper and Recorder of Man’s Chronological
And Get You Through Any and Every Trial

… and It Always Knows Where To Find Your File …

The Face of Justice Is Divine-Merciful
and That Legislative Body … Is So Beautiful!

Posted On: 4/20 - 21/2011

Posted  By:   LC  Jericho

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