Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Uncovering On Terror

Proverbs 28: 13    He that is covering over his transgressions will not succeed, but he that is confessing and leaving [them] will be shown mercy.

 The Uncovering

May 3, 2011 (Tuesday)

Today. I am posting this information to my blog. Because after praying over this matter also, I opened my Bible asking Jehovah to speak to me this morning and to let me know if I should state this concern. I opened my Bible and there it was ... The above scripture was the one immediately given to me. And as it came to me and I read it. I became more confidently sure, that I should always keep as many records as possible to document this situation … for when the Uncovering Comes

So …

The Country is to be congratulated on its pursuit and stamping out of terrorism. Terrorist and terrorism in any form is mega-bad! Especially so, when it is employed against helpless and innocent individuals. On this vital activity to root out such atrocities, the United States of America is to be commended. However, it does make me think as I undergo my own victimized daily life:  If they can find terrorists clear across the world and bring them to justice – then why can’t the same authorities find it right here on home ground and dispense justice accordingly? There seems to be a conflict of principles involved here. Yes, in the United States of America, there is being practiced a double standard as to the usage of Directed Energy Weapons being used on United States Citizens. A double standard of allowing tyranny and terrorism to take place right here on American soil. This creates an oxymoron of what is considered legal and safety issues for the nation and our Constitutional rights. I know that mine are being violated.  My mail is being confiscated every month. And I know that it is a violation to circumvent or tamper with the United States Postal Service. Yet, these agencies do it with impunity. However, back to the topic of this post …

For when the Uncovering Comes (and it will come – the recent developments of finding America’s #1 on the Terrorist List only confirms the validity of that statement).  Nothing stays hidden forever.  Time will see this so.  I now know I need to put this information out there for the record, everywhere. The places (the city and states) and times of my being victimized by terrorists right where I live(d):

1) It actually started in Nashville TN. – around 2006 ( I have the address in another place)

2) 1607 E. 12th Terrace Apt. # 12007 and 2008 (I have their Apartment Numbers too Apt. # 4 and  # 5 using DEW’s)

3) 12660 Uhr Lane Apt. # 1101 – latter half of 2009 (The terrorists were in Apt. directly above us – Using DEW’s)

4) 3935 Thousand Oaks Apt. # 9072010 (Terrorists lived above us and across from us, etc – Using DEW’s)

5) 2370 NW Military Hwy. Apt. # 1082011 Feb. of 2011 until present day - (Terrorists at present -live right in back of our apartment, across the way from our apartment and was down below us (however below us moved but still use their key at night, to get in and continue to use DEW’s)

I will release the City and State locations and apartment names and other pertinent information (car license plates, etc.) when the time comes. The Uncovering will come. And for those who read this and think that this is just some delusional malarkey, check out this information on this site on the web:

Due to Time Constraints – I will post some more on this topic later.  Information on why and what they (the terrorists) did and continue to try to do .

LC Jericho

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