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The Greatest Chain Of Command

‘ The Greatest Chain Of Command … ’

(A Treatise Poem On The Highest Authority)

The Greatest Chain Of Command
In The Sky, The Sea and All The Land
It Is The Chain of Command Thru A Powerful Prince
From An Almighty King – It Commenced:

Forged In Loyalty, Love and Length of Strength
To Reach and Wrap Around In Full Defense
Connected To A Force of Such Intensity
To A Source of Pure, Dynamic Energy

Secured To A Substance of A Spirit Unconquerable
It Will Never Rust For It’s Incorruptible
Its Rings Are Roped – Radiance That Can’t Fade
And Lawful Restraints Glow In Merciful Mandates

… The Greatest Chain Of Command
Is Grasped By Grateful – Faithful Hands
Humans Are Weakest Links, If Truth Be Told
But This Chain Of Command Infuses Unbreakable Holds

… Forged In The Fires Of Holy Desires
Bonded In The Bravery Of Battle-Cry Choirs
Beaten Into Sin-Resistant Molds
Smelted Into Super-Structured-Souls

Hammered On Anvils Of Devout Determination
As Our Hearts Pound In Drum-Adoration
Bodies Polished Like Diamonds and Stainless Steel
Joined Like Gold-Medallions – To Do GOD’s Will

… Tho’ Our Flesh Is Soft and Mortality-Formed
From Fragile Bones and Blood, We Are Born
But The Essence of Hope Is In Our Breaths
We’re Gifted-Attached With Divine Endurance

… By The Greatest, Generous Chain Of Command
In Total Trust, Thru All Time, In Triumphs-Grand
It Has Complete Dominion and Right To Demand
Oh Greatest, Yet Gracious – Chain Of Command!

This Chain Of Command Deserves Allegiance
As We Follow Its Orders In Strict Obedience
Led By Its’ Directions To Deliverance
Its Destination Is Everlasting-Continuance

It Is ‘ Its ’ Cohesive-Superior-Strategy
That Will Crush and Put An End To All Malady
It Is The Greatest Chain Of Command’s Legacy
That Frees Us From Cruel Latched Lies and Heresy

So We’re Bolstered In Joy – Bolted Arm In Arm
Riveted In Aim, Like Lightning-Thunder Storms
We’re Merged In The Mirror Of ‘ The Majestic One ’
… Where The Infinite Chain Of Command Comes From

We Are Not Imprisoned In A Death-Camp Cage
We Are Living Letters On A Glory-Story Page
We Are Precious Jewels Combined On A Necklace
Or Fastened On The Anchor That Makes Ships Wreckless

… This Greatest, Glorious Chain Of Command
… It Rose – It Rises and Forever Stands
It Has The Power To Pull Us Out Of Darkness
And Length – To Lift Us To Speed of Light’s Harness

So, Are You Rubbed Raw By Its Righteous Control?
Do You Feel Shackled Because You Want To Steal Its Role?
Are You Bound and Stuck On Self-Worship-Satisfaction?
Then You Won’t Escape The Greatest Chain Reaction!

We Have Been Given The Greatest, Good Chain Letter
An Ongoing Chain That Removes Every False Fetter
Every Crushing Collar, Cuff, Anklet and Wrist Brace
Will Break and Fall To The Chain Of Command’s Place

… This Greatest Chain Of Command
Has The Only Lock and Key That Can Expand
And Keep The Universe In Precise Operation
Without A Cracked Annihilation

… Encircled – Entwined In Its Ranks Of Authority
Existence Exults In Giant Dance-Cycle Arteries
From The Utmost Tier – The Chain Clasps Within
… The Greatest Chain – Sends and Never Ends

For This Chain Of Command – Is Most Masterful
It Makes No Mistakes – It’s Infallible
It Builds The Bridge That’s Non-Collapsible
… This Ancient Chain Of Command Is Invaluable

The Greatest Chain Of Command Is All Wise
It Has The Best Interest Held For All Our Lives
And This We Came To Realize …
When Greatest Chain Made The Greatest Sacrifice

… The Greatest Chain Of Command
Is Like The Tips Of Angels’ Wing-Spans
Merging With The Fingertips of Man’s
As Sea-Surfs Join With Soft Beach Sand:

It Is Like Galaxies’ Planet Stepping Stones
And The Brilliant, Burgeoning Starfire That Shone
Among The Orbits and Celestial Zones
Which The Greatest Chain Of Command Owns …

And The Greatest Chain Of Command’s Crowds
Is Like The Raindrops Dripping From Electrum Clouds
Is Like The Single Minutes Ticking Into Eternity
Is Like The Universal Law of Gravity …

This Chain Orders The Very Air In Our Lungs
This Chain Composed The Oceanwaves That Runs
This Chain Leads The Winds Which Races Around
It Commands Photosynthesis, DNA and Crowns …

The Chain Of Command Is A Fear-Inspiring Sound
The Chain Is Where The Only True Peace Is Found
The Chain Commands That Rebels Be Put Down
And Only This Chain Can Free Us From The Ground

The Greatest, Genius – Chain Of Command
Was Prepared As A Purpose – Not Just A Plan
For It Is Like – When The Chain All Began
It Commanded, “ Let There Be Light ” and “ Man “

The Chain Contains Secrets Of Holy Sovereignty
The Chain Is A Direct Contact To Real-High-Society
The Chain Is A Sequence Involving Events and Individuals
The Chain Is Collections and Connections To Miracles

And The Chain Is Not Ours To Route or Suspend
It Is Not Our Right To Question Or To Rend
It Is Not Our Pride, But Privilege To Comprehend
… The Absolute – Greatest Chain Of Command

This Chain … Is A Supreme Singularity
This Chain … Is Our Spacious Solidarity
And Within This Chain’s Perfect Priority
We All Must Have Familiarity

The Chain … Is A Wide Time-Frame
Showcasing A Commanding Name and Fame
And This Chain Will Never Change
It Is The Wrought-Iron-Will Same

The Chain Captures Our Blame and Shame
‘Til All Vicious Wild Beasts Are Tamed
And All Those Pretenders To Its Claim
Will Be Ordered To Be Slain

… The Chain Is A Choice – We Can Refuse
But It Can Open Our Eyes To Beautiful Views
The Chain Is A Choice – To Learn Life’s Chords True
But You Can Pick The Lot To Stay Deaf – Mute

... The Chain Is A Choice – You Can Refuse
But If You Get Commands Twisted – You Will Lose
The Chain Is A Choice – We Are Free To Choose
To Ignore Its Voice … Or Obey All Its’ Rules …

But It’s Our Duty and Honor To Humbly Blend
It Supports Its’ Troops – Troops Salute With Amen
So Loops Of Life – Give GOD Your Attention-Heart-Spans
Hear and Behold The Greatest Chain Of Commands …

Posted On : 4/14/2011

Posted  By:   LC  Jericho 

* * * * *

To Be Bound To GOD – Is To Belong To The Most Wonderful Family and The Greatest Power Of All Time … The Family and The Power of … Love …


(Readers Please Note: Actually, The Entire Holy Scriptures Are Essential and are The Words We Need to Live by. (2 Tim. 3: 16). But here is a starter-kit of just a few of the Commanding Words Of Almighty GOD)

Genesis 1: 1 – 25
Genesis 1: 26
Genesis 1: 28 – 31
Genesis 2: 15 – 17
Genesis 3: 8, 9
Genesis 3: 11 – 19
Genesis 6: 13 – 22
Genesis 7: 5, 9, 16

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Leviticus – Chapters 17, 18, 19, 20

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Psalms 110: 1

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Matthew  4: 4
Matthew  4: 5 – 10
Matthew  5: 16
Matthew  5: 44 – 46
Matthew  6: 9 – 15
Matthew  6: 33
Matthew  7: 6
Matthew  7: 12 * (The Golden Rule)
Matthew  7: 21
Matthew 10: 16
Matthew 22: 36 – 40 * (The Greatest Commandment)
Matthew 26: 26 - 28
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Matthew 28: 19, 20

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Revelations 22: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Revelations 22: 18 – 21


Posted:  4/14/2011

By:  LC  Jericho

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