Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Wicked Wand Of Hate

The Wicked Wand Of Hate …

I Felt, The Wicked Wand Of Hate
Touching Me, With An Unholy Spate
Of Trance-Like Sweeps Of Terror
The Wicked Wand Worked Hard, With Fervor

Casting Accursed Spittle, Like Miasma
Some Foul, Fiendish Stream of Vampire Plasma
And Never For A Moment, Did It Abate
As It Waved Eerily To Infiltrate

I Felt, The Wicked Wand Of Hate
A Murderous Monster Loomed; Took Shape!
A Warlock … Unlocked A Hellish Gate
… Thru The Wicked Wand Of Hate

I Don’t Know, What Magic It Makes
I Do Know … What Its Trying To Take:
The Sacred-Serenity Of My Soul
But, Wicked Wand, Will Never ‘Low’ and Behold! …

I Escaped Into My Soul’s Symphonies
To Block Out Its Lethal Litanies
And Its Conductor’s Supernatural Sways
“I Begged My Body To Be Brave! …

… Under Its Uncanny Molesting Waves
I Prayed For GOD, To Please Help Save
Me, From That Consuming Hate
But, So Far, I War … And Wait …

… As My Skin Crawls, At The Wand’s Rake
I Keep Shield Up; So Much At Stake
And Never, Will I ‘Love’ Forsake !
Nor Spells, Or Soul Sell, For Evil’s Sake …

I Felt, The Wicked Wand Of Hate
Yes, It Has A Power To Cause Heartache
But, Not Enough Force, To Overtake
… This Lady Of The Lake …

And Her Warrior, Who’s Always Awake
Her Hero Is Coming … He Won’t Be Late
He Will Beat You ! … and Make You Break ! …
You, Wicked, Wand Of Hate

(and Your Wicked Way Of Rape)

written & © 3/28/10

by  MoonBee

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