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The Sonar Terror - A Sinister Surveillance

Hello. For the purposes of highlighting the reason for posting this blog, I'm going by the appellation of Jericho Jail.  Because that is what I feel like I'm in.  An unbelievable sound-war!  Unescapable.  Where the privacy and peace of my day to day life, has crumbled apart and crashed down!   Yes, I have become a virtual prisoner, held in a vise of technological horrors by cruel captors.

Now, as for an introduction-description:  I’m a United States Citizen. I’m a single, black female, in my mid-fifties. I am also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  And I also suffer with Major Depression. (which has intensified due to this ongoing devastation.)

The reason why I want to contact others, is that I feel that I am a non-volunteer victim of infrasound (or) ultrasound research.

Absurd as I know this sounds ... Please, I ask for your patience and consideration, as I explain why I feel this is so:

I described myself at the beginning, because I believe that I fit the criteria, that is used in choosing the kind of test subject(s) that would be easy to exploit in experiments: (A) I lived alone at the time the attacks started. So no one would care if it was happening. (B) Economic-wise, I’m poor and have no financial power to investigate who and what was happening. (C) I’m a Christian and therefore would be considered docile or non-volatile enough. And (D) I already suffered with depression, a form of mental illness and thereby my story wouldn’t have much credibility.

But, I have suffered such torture/persecution now, going on four years. And I finally know what’s happening. When the first frightening episode occurred, I went to the hospital, thinking I was being raped by some kind of laser! Yes, I knew that was crazy, but something was molesting me. That was sure. So, I was admitted into the hospital and put on medication. Now, let me enlighten; I had never had any sort of hallucinations before. Tactile or otherwise. I’ve not taken any mind-altering drugs or anything like that. So, I believed the doctors, because I wanted to believe them. And I just wanted the attacks to stop. So, I’ve been on medication – but the torture did not go away. It happens when I’m at home. It’s happening now, as I type.

It was about three and a half years ago, when it started. Since then, I have still suffered sporadic torture. Here, let me tell you what form the attacks take:

As I said, it feels like I’m being raped by some sort of laser (even forced anal protrusion). Also my eyes are being targeted and stung. Ears being popped. Electric-stings on certain parts of my body from face to feet. The constant sensation of something being waved over my flesh, like its searching and vibrating over me. And also mild suffocation is induced, as I move my head from side to side, some kind of current follows my mouth. I can’t sit or lay still. For as soon as I do, the attacks start. (Their favorite form of torture is aimed at the genital area) This is not only inhumane, but obscene - perversion on the attackers part. Now, I’ve just listed a few of the cruel tactics I have suffered at sinister hands.

Since living with my sister, I notice that every time we move (twice so far) in the beginning, I do not feel these horrendous things. Its usually after we’ve been somewhere for about four months, (I guess the torturers have to find me and set up camp) then the torment begins again (even while I’m on my medication, so I know its not that). Oh yes, and when I go out of town with my sister, and stay in an hotel, I don’t feel the attacks. Are you beginning to see the full picture of why I know what’s happening?

And then I notice strangers, (sometimes they are not even on the lease of the apartment – I know this, because I ask management when something looks suspicious). But management can’t catch them. My sister can corroborate – Once, the apartment was supposed to be empty above us, but at night, we both would hear noise and water running, toilet being flushed, etc. The Apt. Manager changed locks and said they couldn’t get in now, but the noise and water continued. But I already knew they were up there, because I was being systematically tortured all the while. Yet, usually these strangers will make themselves apparent with obvious tactics. Such as throwing trash or nails onto our balcony, broken lamps with the cord left to trip somebody left outside our walkway, leaving an old wet and moldy piece of cut carpet near our doorway, throwing condoms (yes condoms) by our walkway, letting their dogs loose to attack us and allowing them to poop on walkway … My sister and the apartment complex, who I would show these things to, can verify most of these accounts. Honestly, my sister will not live in low-income housing or ghetto accommodations. So these things have happened at two reputable apartment complexes. Now, what’s strange is … why us? And why the covert following of me? I found out the answer on one of the -infrasound test subject site-. The torturers do this to make the test-victim, look like a disreputable person of low or undesirable character. Again, so they can discredit any accusations, to hinder their secret dealings from becoming exposed. However, my sister and I, are both Jehovah’s Witnesses. We are law abiding, quiet, decent, older, Christian women. We don’t harm anybody. And we try to mind our own business. So, even she began to notice that people, who seemed to watch me, tried to follow us until she realized that what I said was true.

One incident: My sister had gone to get in the car and let the house door shut. Obviously, upstairs heard it and came down and went and sat in their car. She said it looked like they were trying to see if I was in the car yet. My sister noticed there was something peculiar about his actions (a young man). Once I came out, she suggested, ‘lets see’. So we drove a little ways and parked out of sight. Sure enough, a few seconds later, the ‘follower’s car’ came part way, then saw us sitting around the corner watching him. Immediately - he turned around and drove back to the apartment. We must have surprised him. We then took off for our Christian meeting on Sunday as usual. My sister apologized for doubting me, when I had said they followed me occasionally. Either the torturers are getting desperate for results or sloppy-stupid. And recently, the attacks have gotten more severe and constant.

Now, this is what I find unusual about the attacks. At first, they only happened when I was at home. Then at the park or while I’m sitting in the car. But I notice, I never feel these tortures, when the car is moving, or I’m on a bus or walking. So, I guess I have to be still for it to work. Now, I’m targeted Every Day – Every Night. All Day – All Night, if I’m at home. Which is where I spend the bulk of my existence, due to my depression. I wake up in bed and something like a beam is on me, vibrating. I go to the bathroom and as soon as I sit on the toilet, a beam is on me, vibrating. I sit and eat a meal and its on me, vibrating – targeting my private areas. Its atrocious! (and as I said, its even targeting me now, as I type this letter) So now, the attacks are getting more severe, hurtful-intense, as though they have a deadline to break somebody! And only my God, Jehovah, thru His Son Christ, has given me the strength to endure all of this. Of course, I am even more depressed than ever. And to me, that makes the torturers even more despicable, picking on a person who is already down. Obviously, they don’t have any conscience.

Lately, I’ve been doing research on the internet and found out just what this harassing phenomenon is called. I cried when I found this information because I knew then, that is what is happening to me. And even more enlightening is the fact that this other victim is a male and also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Is that just a coincidence? You be the judge. However, all the symptoms I experience and their modes of operation, fit the description of infrasound (or) ultrasound attacks. It described it to a ‘t’. I am a victim of that type of weaponry. I know it. I’ve also found out, that this type of experimentation is supposed to be illegal in most countries, and that The United Nations banned such. But the type of technology does exist. And some countries are still trying to perfect it as a weapon. Now, I have found out that even the police, here in North America have heard of this type of weaponry, even though most claim ignorance to its existence. And in my research into the topic, no one has been able to circumvent or create technology that could block or identify when infrasound (or) ultrasound (or) electromagnetic weapons are being used. To me, that is a gross oversight to the populace’s concern for safety and privacy and peace of mind … Sheer Nations’ responsibility neglect.

Now, as a United States Citizen from birth, I found it hard to believe that this Shining Country would allow its citizens to be used as guinea pigs or torture-test-bait. The United States of America is supposed to stand for Democracy, Freedom, Human Dignity, and is supposed to strive to be enlightenment to the rest of the world. But right here on the Homeland, so many Human Rights have been violated in this issue: The Right to Privacy, Full Protection From Torture Under The Law, and the Peace of Mind that no other person should be allowed to take unlawfully. Who would uphold these rights? … I believed that of this nation … Until one of the sites that I will list below, reminded me… its been done before. I don’t know if it’s a branch of government that has authorized this horror of torture, or a rogue entity of it, or if this type of weaponry has fallen into private and wrong hands. Either way, this threat, is ‘a reality’ to all humanity.

So, that is why I’m contacting others now.  The only way to stop this madness, is to expose the actuality of it.  I am not afraid anymore.  Nor am I insane or ashamed.  Both those traits, lay with the perpetrators of these heinous and indecent acts.

So I ask that as you read my story, that you do not discount my confession as false or think it is the ramblings of a delusional person.  God and I and other victims, know its true. And I hope that by posting this, that any other silent sufferers may  find an interaction of mercy and human kindness, as those who conduct this type of experiment in torture do not.

This is the beginning of my trying to get help from somebody as I know this has got to be stopped.  I will contact agencies such as the police, and the FBI as I am led to believe they may  be able to bring a takedown to such nefarious and treacherous deeds. Some of my other options will include public media and even informing The UN and other Human Conscious Organizations. I will have an ongoing search process of finding others who have suffered or even now are suffering this type of agony. (I am being tortured even while I type this.)   The reason for sharing - there is strength in numbers. - It is my hope to hear from others regarding this matter.

A Victim, With All Hope And Respect For Life,


Enclosed Is A List of Information I Found In My Research That Helped Me To Know What Is Happening:

This is just a few websites …

In time, I hope this information becomes so proliferate on the web and everywhere else, that it becomes a powerful connective to reach out and put a stop to this terror.  As we victims speak out with intelligence, determination and hope, that it must finally be believed - as what it is ...
' True '

Jericho Jail

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