Saturday, July 31, 2010

Infrasound Abuse Abounds

"Infrasound Abuse Abounds"

Abuse Abounds
( But God Will Silence You )

The Tragedy
And Treachery
( God Will Turn On You )

The Silent Streams
Of Sonar Screams
( God Will Shout Back At You )

Secret Aggression
Of Your Super-Weapon
( But God Will Soon Stop You )

The Temerity
Of Your Travesty
( God Will Punish You )

Justice Will Be
Just Like The Red Sea
( God’s Oath Promises You )

You’ll Reap What You Sow
Just Like Jericho
( When God’s Curse Falls On You )

In Noah’s Flood Drama
and Sodom & Gomorrah
( God’s Word Has Warned You )

Then You Will Fear
All That You Hear
( When God Himself Answers You )

Because Infrasounds
Abuse Abounds
( Until God Silences You )

written & ©  7/31/10

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