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7/30/10 - Yesterday's Trials - Gang Stalked On Public Transit

Yesterday (Friday 7/30/10)

I awoke as usual to the vibration beam on me.  I've just about gotten used to 'It's' uncomfortable-cruel presence.  I think that when I do manage to go to sleep, they just leave 'It' focused on my genital area.  And when I move to get up, 'It' realizes I'm awake. (Also I believe'It' becomes aware of the speeding-up of my heart rate). 'It' never sleeps, because I  finally realized, 'It', when gang-stalking, takes shifts on watching and tormenting 'Its' victim.

I always say a quick prayer, before I move my body.  When I move my body, the force-beam then gets stronger. Then as I get up to go to the bathroom. I move quickly as usual.  But the agressors know where I'm headed. The beam follows me to the bathroom.  Sometimes, 'Its' there before I get there.  But, as I sit on the toilet seat, the vibrations begin.  Sometimes, I fake it out and head to another portion of the apartment before I attend to my toiletries.  But if I stay too long, 'It' seeks me out.

In the beginning, I used to run around the apartment, trying to outmaneuver it, however, as the enemy (this time it's two young guys and an older man) is situated in the upstairs apartment, they just follow me around from room to room, until I get tired.  Wherever I sit or lay, that's where 'they' begin their focused vibrations on me.  As I said, their favorite sections on my body seem to be my anal area and my vaginia.  Recently, I have found ways to lessen the force of the vibrations and its protrusion into my body. (Yes, I have several makeshift defenses that offer a modicum of relief - I'm a warrior with prayers) But 'It' seems to know when they're not having a full-effect on me.  I believe that's when they call someone to come give them assistance and more power in their attacks.  Because after about an hour or two after I've foiled their rape attempts, I believe more of them arrive (probably one or two others, who I've seen them with) to join a focused gang-attack on me.  Then I usually have to put on two or more of my "defense garments".  With these defense-garments on, I can barely move, but the shielding does give me good results - so far.

Now, when the attackers see they can't inflict the damage they try to do at a certain area, they then begin roaming the beam over my entire body - especially my eyes.  But, that's how I know this weapon they've got, can't see me, because they have to search for areas on my person.  But I am beginning to believe that the pulse/heart rate of my body always gives me away.  And the genital area seems to be an easy mark.

Of course I also believe that these torturers are just perverts.  And that's why the obscene targeting. Because they know that my sister and myself are celibate, Christian women.  I think they've guessed that their raping me in this manner would be more degrading and demoralizing than just hurting me by electric stings on my body and eyes.  Also, by focusing on my abdominal area, they used to make me use the bathroom every two hours at night.  (But I now have a shielding for that also - a combination of materials)  Eventually, I believe they will try to murder me, when I no longer accord them any sadistic amusement.  And I believe its at that point.  Because they can no longer get a rise out of me ... but back to yesterday ...

After I finished what I needed to do at home, I had to go make some copies of important papers.  My sister dropped me off near our home and I then took a bus to do some much needed shopping.  However, I noticed that for the first time, I was gang-stalked on the bus.  How did I perceive this?  Well ...

I sat on the bus and a guy was already sitting across from me.  He looked in my direction, but still it was not suspicious.  However, I had been on the bus for about half an hour when another guy got on and sat directly behind me.  This one was obvious.  He began a loud conversation, asking about where was something, with another passenger on the bus.  When I moved to another seat, he also moved.  But this is the clincher.  The guy who had been sitting across from me got off at a stop before I did.  When I got off at my stop, the loud talking guy was still on there.

Now, when I got a return trip in the direction I had come from, about half an hour later (that bus only runs at that time of day, every thirty minutes), Well, wouldn't you know it, the man who had been sitting across from me (and who got off before I did) was already on the bus I got on!  And the reason I noticed it, was because after I had gotten on, I felt a stinging in the nape of my neck.  The stinging got so strong, that I knew somebody was targeting me, so I decided to change seats to the back of the bus.  And right there as I walked to the back of the bus, was the man who had got off before I had.  Now, the only way he could have gotten on the same return bus ahead of me, was someone had to pick him up where he had gotten off, drove him to another stop further than the one I had got off at.  All in the short time allotted.  And anybody who takes public transportation knows, that's too much of a conflict between the time frame and the route location.

You see, as I  had waited for the bus, I was in a position to see both ways and what vehicles went by.  And no bus had ventured pass my locale either way.  Yet, there he was on that bus.  Now, as I stated, when I moved in behind him towards the back of the bus, about three stops later, he got off carrying a  big backpack. 

Now, before I had finally returned home, I had  four other such incidents this same day.

(1)  A young woman, sat right in front of me (although there were plenty of other seats around) in the transit station.  She was pushing a baby buggy around, but no baby was in it.  The buggy contained just some some papers and a bag (which she placed right in front of me).  She sat there at first, looking at me as though I should say something.  Now everyone else who happened by there acted like normal people, minding their own business.  When she saw that I  appeared preoccupied, she got up and left the station.

(2)  The second occurrence was when a tall young man, came to sit beside me in the transit station as I was waiting for the bus that would take me home.  He began talking to me saying he just wanted to sit where it was cool.  (Now, the whole station was air-conditioned and still other seats available to sit at)  However, I decided to talk to this one.  I had a plan.  I talked with him in a matronly fashion.  I also asked him, if he knew where a police precinct was located in the area, as I had something to report to the police about my apartment complex.  The security guard had also come over and was talking to the young man about building some sort of apparatus.  I half listened, because I wanted to see the reaction of the young man, when I mentioned 'police'.

But the security guard, knew the number to a police precinct and gave it to me.  Now, the young man offered me his cell phone (as I had left mine at home) to make the call right there.  But my bus had just pulled up.  Also, the young man was waiting on the same bus.  He sat right behind me and talked with me all the way home about such things as taking trips, what movies I liked, etc.  And where would be a good place to live in the state.  For I had recounted some of the unsavory happenings at my present address. Things, that the torturers already knew. He also stated that when he rides the bus, he strikes up conversations looking to meet people.  (Now, I know I'm a fairly attractive woman, but come-on! I'm old enough to be his mother!) The young man also said he was going to relocate to a place I also had lived before.  I knew he was probing for information.  But I only disclosed what they already knew and what I wanted them to know.  (And my plan? Is to keep a record and be able to trace the whereabouts of some of the conspirators!) Oh, and also (4) another passenger - another young man, who seemed to be intoxicated or  high on something, kept butting in at intervals of the conversation with crazy outbursts. Now that guy's eyes were clear, not bloodshot and had good focus, even though his words seemed slurred.  And I thought, it would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad, their insistence on trying to manipulate people.

(3) Now, the third occurrence of the day, actually came while the second occurrence was in full swing.  That was when I saw the 'loud talking man' again, the one whom I had seen earlier on the first bus. He passed in front of me, gave me a cursory glance, obviously noting that I was talking to the ' other plant.'  I suppose they were determined to engage me one way or another this day.

Now, all the participants in this tug-of-war-operation were of diverse races, culture, age, etc.  For there were at least two other older guys and one older woman, who acted suspicious and that could or could not have been a part of the gang stalking scenario.  The former mentioned ones, I was sure of.  These latter mentioned, I am not so sure. I know that there are still some decent, kind and honorable human beings out there. (Cause I'm one of them.)

And as advised by those who have endured gang-stalking for a period of time, it is best not to become overly paranoid of every stranger one meets. That is exactly what the perpetrators want.  To diminish our joint-humanity. Their aim is to strip us of a coherent-consciousness.

I truly do believe, they think they can maneuver us with their machiavellian tactics of torture, into a low-grade life form.  Or one who becomes so tormented, that they'll do anything to make the torture stop.  Even bend to 'their will'. However, all Christians know - that theory has already been disproved - By Job in the Bible. The devil tortured that innocent man too.  And I think of that fact, and know, we can survive with God's help.  In any event, This day was a peculiar-public day.  But as with each day, I made it through.  And that is another thing in our favor survivor/victims - Time, (God's Time) is on our side. 

Now after ending the bus conversation, my stop came up and I got off, said a good-natured good-bye and walked home.  Where about an hour later, the vibration beam began 'its' routine torture on me for the rest of the night.

Jericho - Jail

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