Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Typical Approach

You know, as we go about our day that we meet many people. And with what is happening to torture victims, It sometimes is hard to trust strangers. Especially since sometimes, the gang stalkers like to try to engage us in various approaches. But, since Christians 'hold' no animosity towards those that hurt or try to hurt them, I think they are surprised when we speak cordially to them. Anyways, Its not that we trust those who abuse us, Its just that we know that Jehovah and Jesus, sees everything they try to do against us and if Jah allows it, we have no need to be terrified of them, or their tactics.

While waiting on a bus bench, a young woman initiated a conversation with me. She was pleasant in her manner and seemed sincere in her recollections of the day. However, this is where it gets weird. She mentioned several things (words) in her conversation that let me know, who she worked for. Let me enlighten the reader here: There are a few poems on my site which incorporates the words; vulture, turtle, history education, and so forth.

The girl went on to relate a story of how her grandfather has a home in the country where he has many creatures, including a turtle with a heartshaped shell. (I had just put up a poem about a turtle about a day before.) Now, the girl said they have to beware of vultures (a word also in a previous blog) which may fly down and attack or take the turtle away. (I know, its laughable, I laughed too.) Then she went on to relate how she “had majored” in history (referred also in my recent blog) in college. (Obviously, she forgot she told me she was just 18 years old and had just got off work early to go home) Now to the unwary, it could seem that the similarities in the conversation and my recent blogs are just that “innocent coincidences” Stranger things have happened I know, and yet … Anyway, I know they monitor my activities, so why not my blogs too! In any event, this situation will not keep me from continuing on trying to be as peaceable as I can be. So here's a little poem on the subject:

‘ Speak Peace And Mean It … ’

Speak Peace To One Another
May True Be Your Words
Scatter Your Goodwill
On The Wings Of Gentle Birds

Be Honest In Your Dealings
Be Honest With Yourself
If You Lie and Cheat Others
You Can’t Blame No One Else

And Wish Each Other Well
Those You Meet Each Day
If They Refuse Your Kindness
Its Still OK …

We Answer For Our Error
We Must Own Up To Our Mistakes
Our Lives Will Tell On Us
If We Lived In Love or Hate

If We’re Prone To Be Sneaky or Rude
Misguided Or Just Plain Wicked
Don’t Give Up Hope To Hopelessness
You Can Be Helped To Fix It

No People Is The Lesser
Than Any Or Another
We Are All Mankind
… We Are Sisters and Brothers

We Are All Bound
In A Human Condition
We All Need And Seek
An Enlightened Vision

Cause I’ve Seen Lovely Eyes
That Seemed To Be So Blind
I’ve Seen The Taste On Lips
Bent On Cursing and Lying

Some Persons Are Half Asleep
Some Persons Are Fully Awake
Some Show Genuine Fellow-Feelings
Some Show Fully – Faked

It’s In The Body Language
It’s Spoken Upon The Face
And I’ve Often Wondered At
Obvious, Artificial – Waste

… The Covert – Subterfuge
Outside Pranks and Inner Fear
No Wonder There’s So Much Loneliness
Even With So Many Near

No Wonder We’re Closed To
Real Communication
Just Texting Technology
To Ease A Soulless-Station

… Open Up Your Heart
And Open Up Your Mind
To A Spirit Of Sunshine
And Maybe Affection Find …

… We Are Not Meant To Be Alone
We, Are Not An Island
We Can and Do Belong
To The Family of Man

To Be A Child Of Almighty God
We Must Speak Wise and Power Words
Let Truth and Joy Ring Out
From Us Be Fully Heard …

… Speak Peace To One Another
And May True Be Your Words
Scatter Your Goodwill
On The Wings Of Gentle Birds

Written & © : 10/2/10

Posted by  Jericho Jail

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