Monday, October 4, 2010

A Warning Imbued With Love

Soon, Jehovah, thru His Son, Jesus Christ the King, will bring all horrors, evils and ugliness to an end. (Rev. 21: 4) In order to survive the oncoming, rushing, yet Timely Apocalypse, we all need to be aware that - It is really coming. (Rev. 22: 20) Also, we need to know what we as individuals, need to do to get on God's side, before it's too late. (Zeph. 2: 2, 3) The real Armageddon is not a War brought on by man. It is not a War between Nations of Mankind. It is The War Between God Almighty Himself and the whole world, lying in the power of the Wicked One (1 John 5: 19 & Rev. 16: 14)... So, It is God's Great Day of Vengeance (or Justice) (Isa. 34: 8 & Deut. 32: 35 & Ro. 12: 19). Jehovah's Servants and Jesus' Followers will not need to fight. (Josh. 10: 14 & Josh. 23: 3 & 2 Tim. 2: 24) Also, remember Pharaoh and The Red Sea, Sodom and Gomorrah and the Flood of Noah's Day.

Jehovah will do this out of love. Yes, God will do this in order for His children and servants to be able to live in peace and harmony, without disruptions and persecutions from the wicked. (Ps. 37: 9, 12-15 & Ps. 56: 6, 7) And contrary to popular beliefs and movie themes, Armageddon will not destroy indiscriminately. The Bible states that only the wicked will be destroyed. (Ps. 37: 11-13, 20 & Rev. 21: 8) Jehovah will do away with only those who refuse to live according to His Righteous Standards. Those who love lying, cheating, hurting, torturing, maiming, killing and just being cruel to others will be forever annihilated. Afterwards God, thru His Son Jesus Christ, will usher in a brand new beginning of Love and Peace and Joy in a new world human society. (Isa. 65: 17-25 & Dan. 2: 44 & Matt. 5: 5 & Rev. Chapters 21 & 22) I hope to see you there. Until then stay brave and in faith.

At God’s Appointed Time (Revelation Poem) …’

Soon, At The Appointed Time …
GOD Will Bring An End To Crime
GOD Will Soon Halt All Hurt – Crying
GOD Will Stop All Those Lying

Soon, At God’s Appointed Time …
Mt. Zion’s Children Will Homeward Climb
And When God’s Son Begins To Shine
All Earth Will See The Sign                       (Matt. 24: 30)

Soon, At God’s Appointed Time …
The Moment Has Been Set and Primed
Angels Will Gather Wrath-Grape Vines    (Rev. 14: 19 & 16: 19)
Blood Will Flow Like Deep, Red Wine     (Rev. 14:20 & 16: 3-6)

Soon, At God’s Appointed Time …
Not By Your Schedule Or Even Mine
You’ll Have To Choose Which Side or Line
And Which Offer To Decline                    (Rev. 13: 16-18)

Soon, At God’s Appointed Time …
The Clock Is Ticking – It Won’t Rewind
So There’s No use For You To Whine
When There’s Nothing Left To Find …

When You Finally See What Kind
Of Substance Is In Your Spine                  (Rev. 21: 8)
And In Your Heart and Mind
Will You Be Left In A Bind ?                    (Rev. 9: 6)

Soon, At God’s Appointed Time
The Universe Will Hear The Chime !
It Won’t Be Late Or Lag Behind
When The Birds Of Heaven Dine …         (Rev. 19: 17, 18)

… At GOD’s Appointed Time …

           At GOD’s Appointed Time

Written & © : 10/4/10

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