Thursday, September 30, 2010

Their Night Tactics Defeated

In Jehovah’s Power, we are triumphing! … Another tactic these torturers (these poor people and I say that without condescending, because they really do need a conscience, mercy and forgiveness), but they use their weapons, trying to make their victims urinate all through the night.  These incidents are designed to keep the victim up at night, but for me, its not working.  I sleep ok.

Because I have found succor and aid from Jehovah. Jah reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures that I had to find again and wanted to share. This is it … Psalms 16:7 where it says, " I shall bless Jehovah, who has given me advice. Really, during the nights my kidneys have corrected me.”

Yes, I use the moments, that I wake up in the nights to get closer to Jehovah and meditate on Jesus' examples for us.  I gain strength and comfort as I pray.  And a calmness so real and wonderful comes to me thru any situation.  This 'Peace' outweighs any external harassment.  So see, in fact, every tactic they try to use  against their "Christian victims" has already been countered and defeated in a psychological as well as spiritual defense.

So to all the sufferers of this clandestine-torture, Please Keep strong.  Try to endure until all their torture tactics are revealed finally for what they are - Cruel experiments.  (It will be exposed eventually - even history upholds and testifies to that fact - Remember the Tuskegee experiments - Remember the Nazis and their experiments - Remember the Egyptians and the Red Sea) So, stay strong, the truth will tell all in the end.  To all sufferers try to stay resolved to beat this thing.  And last, but not least, all of us need to keep ever faithful …

Jericho Jail

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