Saturday, September 18, 2010

Safe In My Heavenly Father's Arms

‘ Infinite – Intimate … ’

Forever, Sits In The Pupil Of HIS Eyes
Eternity … Upon His Tongue
His View Is The Far-Away Future
He Speaks … And Like Thunder His Will Comes

His Touch Of Love Is Infinite
Our Prayers Rise Like Incense Always
To The Ears Of The Hearer Of Prayer
Wondrously Intimate To The Ancient Of Days

His Heart Is The Clock Of Existence
Thru All Time and Space Continuum
Forever Sits In The Pupil Of HIS Eyes
… and Eternity, Upon His Tongue

The Immortal Being Of Beauty
JAH … Is From Everlasting To Everlasting
His Glory – Almighty Is His Alone
But Glorious Prospects – Ours For The Asking

And Who Has Taught Us These Things ?
Who Has Shown Us What Is True ?
The Prince-Son, Shows Us The Father
King Jesus Reveals To Us … YOU …

GOD’s Wisdom, Power, Justice, Love
These Riches Rain From Above
Joy and Peace and All Goodness Thereof
From The Father – The First Cause …

He’s In All Our Babies’ Breaths
And Heartbeats In Each Breast and Chest
He’s In Our Dawns’ Opera Light
He Conducts Skies’ Harmonious Heights

He’s Over Sunsets’ Stunning Stage
He’s In Our First Look and Our Last Gaze …
He’s Over The Mountains’ Snowcapped White
He’s In Each Shift Of Night

He’s In The Stars and Suns and Moons
And All Birds Soft, Sweet Music Tunes
He’s In The Deepest Oceans In Motions
And The Fluid In Your Veins’ Potion …

He Grows The Flowers’ Pretty To See
He Can Reach Into The Thickest Oak Tree
Or Into Graves Of Those, Once Deadened
He’s Our Father, Who Art In Heaven

So Where Can You Go In Forever ?
To Escape HIS Touch ? … Nowhere, Never !
The Tremendous Touch So Intimate
Flows Into The Infinite

Like The Holy Divine Spirit
In Reverential Awe, Hear It
The Intimate Infinite Perception
The Sensory Summons To Perfection

… As Forever Sits In The Pupil Of HIS Eyes
Eternity … Upon His Tongue
His View Holds All Our Futures
He Speaks Forth & Like Horses, His Will Comes

Written & © : 9/18/10

By:   Jericho Jail

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