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Gog of Magog Is Gathering ...

January 25, 2012  - (Wednesday) 6: 30 p.m.  ...  
A Historical Update

‘ Gog of Magog Is Gathering …’

(Ezek. Chapter 38 & Chapter 39 / Rev. 20: 8–10 / Matt. 13: 10–15)

I put in poetic form an accurate account of:
(Why Directed Energy Weapons & Their Users
Will Come To Their End) But This Is Still For The
Documented History of These Unbelievable, (yet
Happening Right Now In Human Society) Heinous Crimes:

They Want To Include Us
In Their Cruel Games
In Their Arenas & Stadiums
Where Evil Tests Entertain

They Are Like Venomous Vipers
Virulent Viruses and So Vain
They Are Vacuous–Vapid

They Are Addicted To Callousness
Just Like To Cocaine
They Are Crass & Coldblooded
Conniving &Without Shame

They Seek To Ruin & Rape
and Leer & Make Lame
They Are The Devil’s Own Whelps
and Damage Is Their Domain

Their Homes Are Hornets Nest
Where They Hide Ill-Gotten–Gains
They Are Puppets Pushed Hither
Like Storms Do Weather Vanes

They Killed Their Conscience
& Their Mercy Must Be Maimed
Their Sympathy Was Shot ‘Til Slain
As They Embrace What’s Insane !

And Any Good Sense Left In Them
Was Determinedly Drowned & Drained
Now, They Murder Innocent Others
Just Like Envious Cain …

They Bear The Mark
Of 666 Stain
They Are Beast (Gangs)
With Beast–Hearts
& Beast–Brains
(Rev. 13: 16–18)

And No More of Humanity
Can They Honestly Lay Claim
Not of Nurturing Mother, Father
Or of Any Children – (Humane)

They Gave Up The Moral Compass
That Mankind Must Maintain
That They Chose This Wicked Path
… Is Very Focused Plain

& What They Strove To Earn
They Will In Fact … Sustain
GOD Will Pay Them Back
… in Same …

( On Them The Wrath of GOD
… Remains )

What Sort of Miscreants
& Monstrous Aim
Could Torture Someone
Again and Again ? …

Every Minute of The Day
Every Hourglass’s Grain
And Every Decency & Honor
& Duty To Compassion Disdain ?

What Sort of “Thing” ?
What Sort of “Strange” ?
Could Enact Them To That Horror
& Them Into Terrorists–Change ?

And Make Them Think It’s Ok
To Hurt and Harm and Hang
Human Beings Like Some Captured
Pets – Choked & Constrained ?
Or Like Some Broken–Winged
Wounded, Whooping Crane ?

And They Have Waited & Watched
For Any Ache, Limp or Sprain
They Employ Stings Like Scorpions
To Inflict Their Persistent–Pain

And What Worthless Goal
Did They Profit or Obtain ?
and Will It Fill Their Vacant Eyes
& Empty-Headed Migraines ?

… In Victims’ Blood & Bowels
They Have Played & Lain …
They’ve Stuck Us Like Guinea-Pigs
In A Lab of Maze-Lanes

(But For All of Time
They’ll Be Imprisoned–Caged
For Always – This Will Be
Their Wage In Paid-Back-Rage

& Their Future Image Visage …
They Were No Better Than Savage
And No Soul of Theirs Will Be Mourned
Nor Will They Be Salvaged)

In Wicked Tyranny
They Have Been Trained
Rottenness Seeps In & From Them
Like Rancid Sweat & Rain

And Treachery of Thugs
Is Their Tea & Noses’ Tisane
& A Putrid Purpose
That Smelled Something Like Ptomaine

They Don’t Know Right From Wrong
Or That They Are To Blame
They Are The Culprits & Criminals
Of Which Upright Society Complains

They Are Like Crippled–Minded
Crooked Shadow–Canes …
They Are Gog & Magog’s Crowds
and Satan’s Sworn Swains
(Ezek. Chapt. 38 & Chapt. 39)

Yes, They Are The Boils
& Civilized Society’s Bane
For From Extreme Badness
They Would Not Refrain

They Viewed Bullying Others
As A Sort of Bonus–Bargain
and On Them, The Wrath of GOD
… Remains

… They, Who’ve Left Reason
& Went Where Worse Thoughts Came
They’re Psychotic Aberrant(s)
Working Out Fraud–Feigns

Surrounding Victims In Set-Ups
They’re of Evil–Incarnate’s Chain
They’re Accursed Ones & Lost Souls
Soon Forever Destroyed & Defamed

“By Their Fruits You Will Know Them”
& Reason For Grapes of Wrath Champagne
(Matt. 7: 16–20 / Rev. 14: 18–20)
Yes, On Them The Wrath of GOD
… Will Remain

... For To Any Kindness
They Did Not Respond or Attain
and Everlasting Bloodguilt
They Have It, In Their Legacy Strain

They Are: Bulimic-Black-Pits
Where Bile-Poison Is Contained
& Where Pity Should Have Been
They Percolated Depravity’s Octane

So That I Now Have To Expose
& Take This Time To Explain
That On Them “ALL” The Plagues
and Pestilences & Punishments Pertain

( For On Them The Wrath of GOD
… Literally Remains )

They Think To Remain Hidden
But JEHOVAH Knows Their Deeds & Their Names
From All The Ones Who Gives The Orders
To All Those Who Follow & Operates Inane

As A Group: To A Woman & A Man
Their Annihilation Is Ordained
They: Are Who Will Suffer The Judgment
Of The Lake of Fire (Death’s Final Flame)
Burned Up As Weeds Due To
Their Own Torture–Terrains
(Rev. 21: 8)

and On Them The Wrath of GOD
… Truly Remains

They Were Earth’s Anathemas
& Abominations’ Butane
and All Their Conflagrant Acts
& Misdeeds Are Due To Be Arraigned

... Of Them, Something Unnatural
& Inhuman Sprang
They Merged & Unleashed
Something Evil, Unsanctioned, Untamed …

And Contempt For Life
Became Commonplace & Mundane
Violence & Brutality
Became Taught & Ingrained

Their Idea of Niceness
Is Steeped In Nihilism–Novocain
and Narcissism’s Narcotic
Overflows In Their Veins

They Are Hedonistic Harbingers
Behind The Victims’ Wall–Curtain
They Are Enemies of GOD’s Love
& Haters of Good – That’s For Certain

Trouble & Traps They Slyly Slip-In
and Serve Like Plates of Toxic Toemain
And Torture & Target Practice
Is The Tools They Give Free-Rein

Tragedy, They View As A Bi-Product
& Collateral Damage as Progress’ Propane
But It Will Douse Their Dirty Hands
& Engulf Their Wicked Window–Panes

While Under Ruthless Renegades
Holy Laws They Gladly Profaned
And On Them, GOD’s Vengeance
& Day of Rage – Remains ! …
(Isa. 34: 8 / 2 Thess. 1: 6-9 / Rom. 12: 19)

They Are Agents & An Iron Army
Of Errors & Evil Acclaim
They Invade With Injury & Insecurity
& War-Mares’ Strangling Tails & Manes

Their Motives: A Science Project
Classified, Covered To Resemble Urbane
But Power Over The People
Is What They Want To Proclaim …

But Here Is The Factual History
That I Must Be Used To Exclaim
of Their Actions & Attempts
and For Any Archives Arcane:

They Will Be Brought Low
Judged Before GOD’s Holy Mountain
And They Will Never Drink
From The Eternal Life-Giving Fountain

Armageddon In Justice, Will End
Their Futile, Ferocious Campaigns
Yes, On Them The Wrath of GOD
… Will Always, Ever Remain
(Matt 12: 31, 32)

There Is A Sacred Secret
In ‘The Book of James’
For All of JAH’s Worshipers
All Our Foe’s Forces Must Wane

And They Will Suffer Ruptures
Like A Torn, Malignant Membrane
When Righteousness Rises Triumphant
and Christ Brings Us The Clean, Royal Reign

… Oh, Fellow Valiant Victims
From Arsenic-Arrogance Abstain
Do Not Allow Them To Turn You Into
What Demons Dare & Dumb-Ones Deign

But Be of Confident Courage
& Your Integrity & Righteousness Retain
For Because of You & Also Because of Me Too …
On Them, The Wrath of GOD … Remains
(2 Thess. 1: 6–10)

Written & ©:   1/25/2012

Posted  By :            LC Jericho

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